Zoom to display announcements to base level users, to display them after the meeting

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Zoom is the most popular video chat app, especially in 2020. One of the apps has been instrumental in the transition of some jobs to a work-from-home setup. In an effort to continue to develop the platform, some users will see ads for the first time.

Zoom to add ads

While Zoom was available in 2011, the app gained the attention of businesses and individuals last year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to TechRadar.

Zoom has been the go-to platform for millions of people who have had to work remotely, those who have had to take virtual classes, or those who have had family reunions remotely.

Overall, the platform is a full video chat service. It is available on virtually all operating systems. It’s pretty simple to use for casual calls, and it has a wide array of tools for professional use.

The flexibility of the platform is also seen in pricing. Anyone can use Zoom for free. However, there is a time and user restriction. Zoom lifted the restriction on Last year’s Thanksgiving, but it’s now back to a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting.

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If anyone needs better flexibility, they can subscribe to the platform which will cost $ 20 per month. They will benefit from features like extended group calls, social media streaming, and recorded transcripts.

The free platform experience is a great solution for casual calls. However, the free tier is about to change significantly soon.

On November 1, Zoom announced that it launched an ad program that will add in-app ads to basic user accounts, according to ScreenRant.

According to Janine Pelosi, Director of Marketing at Zoom, this is an essential decision for Zoom to continue to provide its products and services to its users, drive innovation and add more value to the platform.

What to expect from ads in Zoom

Zoom only displays advertisements on the browser page that users see after completing their meeting to start the program. Ads are only present for free Basic users in certain countries, and will appear during meetings hosted by a Basic level user.

Zoom does not specify which countries the ads are arriving in initially, although it is safe to assume that they will eventually roll out in all markets where the platform is available, according to The Verge.

The platform also adds more security on its platform for the safety of users. It was after Zoom was examined for providing user data to Google and Facebook.

The updated platform privacy statement will no longer use meetings, webinars or messaging content, especially audio, files, video and messages, for marketing promotion or communication purposes. third party advertising.

The user will see a banner on the platform which will allow him to access a management tool. They can activate or deactivate the banner.

The news can be a disadvantage for those who use the basic version of Zoom, but it’s no surprise. Prior to the change, Zoom was not making any money from the millions of platform users who use it for free.

The announcement also came after the platform added another feature last week. Zoom users can now use the automatic captioning feature during their Zoom call for better communication.

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