When a Microsoft police revealed Turkish President Erdogan and Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif

The Panama Papers appeared to suggest that the Prime Minister’s two adult children had used apartments in London as collateral to secure large-scale loans from Deutsche Bank in 2008. These apartments were owned by two companies in the British Virgin Islands, one of which was Nescoll listed Sharif’s. daughter, Maryam Safdar, as its sole shareholder.

Maryam Safdar produced papers certifying that she was not a shareholder but simply a director of the company, thus attempting to dissociate herself from the offshore companies.

The problem? The certificate she claims was issued in February 2006 used the Calibri font. The controversy ultimately led to the dismissal of the Nawaz Sharif government in 2017 – courtesy of its Supreme Court. He is currently disqualified from standing for election.

The confluence of power and an exaggerated sense of self-worth can wreak havoc on a large population, if not controlled in time. The good days that Adolf Hitler promised the Germans, or the change that Benito Mussolini pledged to make, are not much different from what modern heads of state sometimes have us believe in the 21st century.

A quote from Hagel comes to mind: “History teaches us that man does not learn from history.

Calibri had a wonderful run and unwittingly stirred the hornet’s nest, scared bullies and called for at least one scalp. But it seems likely that its term as Microsoft’s default font will end as well. In May 2021, the company announced that it would soon replace Calibri with another default font on the world’s most popular word processor.

(The author worked for the United Nations in New York and was UNICEF’s chief communications officer.)

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