Watch highlights from the Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge at Kettering University

FLINT, MI — Kettering University this week hosted more than 60 middle and high school vehicle design teams for the Square One Education Network’s 15th annual Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge.

The event took place on Wednesday, May 18 at Kettering University’s GM Mobility Research Center near North Chevrolet Avenue and Bluff Street.

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Although the day started with light rain, the teams were able to adapt and overcome, protecting their equipment and working against the weather with tents and makeshift electronic blankets.

Watch our video below highlighting these brilliant students creating innovative technology for future generations.

The IVD Challenge pitted the teams against each other in three separate competitions: the Innovative Autonomous Vehicle Design Challenge, the Innovative Mini-Vehicle Design Challenge, and the Innovative Full-Scale Vehicle Design Challenge.

In the Innovative Autonomous Vehicle Design Challenge, students will be challenged to transform a “Power Wheels Jeep” into an autonomous vehicle. In the next challenge, it’s a 1/10th scale RC car.

The video features one of the most exciting moments of the day, watching a self-driving wheel drive jeep parallel park.

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