Unused Alice in Wonderland Heart Dive design found in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts still holds secrets even 20 years later.

An unused Dive to the Heart design featuring Alice in Wonderland has been discovered in the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix files.

One of the most iconic scenes in the entire Kingdom Hearts series is the Deep Dive, which features Sora drifting through the darkness and landing on stained glass platforms depicting Disney Princesses. This has happened several times throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, though it has since been changed to feature Kingdom Hearts characters instead of Disney Princesses.

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An interesting trivia about the Dive to the Heart sequence is that it was originally meant to feature Alice from Alice in Wonderland as one of the princesses featured on the stained glass platforms. This was spotted in a design document in 2015, with a one-off design featuring Alice, although it was thought to have never made it past the design stage.


However, as reported by KH13twitter user TheDaguar actually managed to find the Alice Dive to the Heart texture in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in 2017, even though fans barely discover the original Tweet. The platform design document version was very hard to see and it was almost impossible to make out the areas surrounding Alice, but this texture makes it much clearer and now we can see characters like the white rabbit surrounding Alice, as well as playing cards. around the edge of the platform.

Although the Alice in Wonderland platform didn’t make it past the game’s original design document, it’s worth noting that it was clearly textured for the game’s full release and had to be cut much later in development than we previously thought.

A Twitter user, DaniZayaa, actually got the texture to work in game, although it’s a little fuzzy right now and needs some kind of work to make it less fuzzy. Still, it’s great news for fans that the original Kingdom Hearts still has surprises in store 20 years later.

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