United Nude’s 3D printed floating shoes: if the shoe fits

United Nude co-founder Rem D. Koolhaas, the nephew of the world-famous architect with the same first and last name, wants to be different, especially when it comes to understanding the structure of the human foot. Koolhaas-the-Younger comes into the fashion world with a master’s degree in architecture from the Technical University of Delft in Holland. Her creative leadership has made United Nude the global benchmark for technically advanced architectural footwear for women.

3D printed floating shoe: Source: Design-Milk.com

The united nude society

United Nude’s hallmark is clarity, elegance and innovation. Their unusual shoes are sold in over 40 countries, with flagship stores in New York, Amsterdam and London. Launched in 2003 and inspired by a heartbreaking romance gone wrong, the company’s first creation was the Mobius shoe, considered a classic design icon who pioneered the concept of heel construction. It was created by transforming the frame of the shoe into a single strip, mixing the upper sole, sole and heel in one piece.

The Mobius shoe: Source: United Nude.comThe Mobius shoe: Source: United Nude.com

It was Mobius’ love at first sight for Galahad, a seventh generation descendant not of the polished prince of lore but rather of the shoe-making dynasty Clark. He teamed up with Koolhaas and together they formed United Nude.

The floating shoe printed in 3D

Nine Haute Couture runway shoes followed the Mobius, collectively bringing together over a decade of experience in 3D printing. Recent highlights include: Iris Van Herpen, Lady Gaga’s Fame shoes, and Zaha Hadid’s Nova shoes. United Nude is dedicated to transforming high fashion footwear with ultra-tech design using affordable 3D printers. The Float shoe is the child of this concentration, which marks the beginning of fully functional 3D printed shoes that represent experimental and unconventional designs seen in the architectural and industrial design industries.

Lady Gaga Fame shoe: Source: Wehearit.comLady Gaga’s Famous Shoe: Source: Wehearit.com

How is this amazing shoe made?

The avant-garde heelless platform shoe features three distinct components that are printed and then nested together. According to Kolhaas:

“We designed the shoe in three parts that simply bond to each other, forming the end product … To make the shoe more comfortable, we added a hand-cut rubber outsole … I don’t think so. not that this shoe can be compared to all other conventional shoes when it comes to comfort … This design is about creating something beautiful and interesting, experimenting and moving forward while learning. “

The future of the Float Shoe and 3D printing

United Nude now works regularly with the market leader in 3D printing, 3-D Systems. The creators of the Float Shoe warn that it is unlike any other shoe in the world. According to Koolhaas, while the shoe is wearable and available for pre-order, it is primarily intended as an experiment, both in manufacturing and in design. This promises a future where the purchase of a pair of shoes will be done not by selection in a store window, but rather by browsing, downloading and, ultimately, pressing “print”.

Conclusion on the shoes:

I was sad because I had no shoes on until I met a man with no feet. So I said, “Do you have any shoes that you don’t use?“~ Steven Wright

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