The move from interior design to stealing the best television sets? The wallpaper

AN INTRIGUING TREND emerged in the design of television productions while we were sprawled out on our sofas. Patterned wall coverings play a starring role in some of the most popular streaming series, bringing scenes to life in a way that a coat of paint and eggshell white artwork does not. just can’t. Color and print reinforce the character’s background and frame a narrative, whether it takes place in a struggling young chess prodigy’s new home in the 1960s in Lexington, Ky., Or in the family home. of a privileged teenager on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. “The wallpaper brings the whole look together adding texture, style and sophistication,” said Ola Maslik, production designer of HBO Max’s new incarnation of “Gossip Girl”. “It’s a chance to complete the narrative.” However, such remarkable TV wallpapers can make our own homes look relatively mundane. So we have found these wallpapers, or close facsimiles, so that you can purchase them yourself. Hang them up and the drama can continue even after your screen goes dark.

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

In the revamp of the salacious teen melodrama in the mid-years, Audrey Hope (played by Emily Alyn Lind) serves as a near-parallel to Blair (Leighton Meester) from the original series. Both are socialites, fans of Audrey Hepburn, and love beautiful, timeless things. The pastel hues of the Hope Family Dining Room represent the old-fashioned sophistication of New York’s Upper East Side. Decorator Ola Maslik and her team used a metallic grass canvas printed with Scalamander chinoiseries. “It’s a stunning classic design with depth and detail,” she said, “and it really helps define Audrey’s character.” Blossom Fantasia Sky Wallpaper, $ 1,760 per roll,

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