The Dilworth Company encourages the construction team with a party

(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Nothing is certain except death and taxes, and Charlotte residents can add construction to that sentence.

“Lots of construction going on everywhere,” Israel Clark said. “They have to minimize it.”

“We have phase one, phase two, phase three and phase four,” said Matt Wohlfarth, owner of Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.

Currently, there are over 40 storm drainage improvement projects in the city and hundreds of other smaller projects.

“When you’re around the corner and both streets are under construction, it’s hard!” Wohlfarth said

One that costs taxpayers $41.5 includes the installation of storm drains and three new sewer lines at the corner of Morehead and McDowell. The need for improvements is evident on a rainy day like today, as is the urgency.

“Hopefully we can speed them up a bit,” Wohlfarth said.

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The restaurant owner offered the construction team a sweet incentive: a party if they finish before September 1st.

“Give them a goal to aim for and maybe they can knock it off. We’re looking for football,” he said.

The sign sits a few meters from the construction as a daily reminder of what is at stake.

“The road team free party ended 9/1/22,” Brad Adams read. “I mean, I think that’s one hell of an incentive.”

“What kind of party is this?” Food and drinks? I like it!” says Michel Patrick.

Wohlfarth says his sign has generated some buzz.

“I was actually at the football game and a guy, like five people, three rows behind, said to me, ‘I’m coming to this party! ‘” Wohlfarth said.

If the project homepage is accurate with a September completion date, the crew has a chance. “The end goal is just to be through [with] said Wohlfarth, “And we all need something to look forward to anyway.

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