The design of the Nissan Z 2023 chosen from among 100 proposals submitted worldwide

Even before the 2023 production Nissan Z was released, much of the talk about the upcoming Z car revolves around its design, which was previewed with the Z Proto. The general consensus was positive, although there were few criticisms. Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on, it’s about time we met the names behind the styling of the Nissan Z.

Meet exterior architect Naoyuki Ohkoshi and interior designer Takuya Yamashita. While Ohkoshi is a Nissan veteran who joined the company’s design team in 1997, Yamashita is relatively a rookie, arriving on board just four years ago.

In an interview, Ohkoshi and Yamashita both said they were happy and honored to design the iconic Japanese coupe. However, they weren’t the only ones vying for the next Z car.

Apparently there was a global design competition of various Nissan design teams from Japan, China, USA and UK. About 100 entries were submitted, with their sketches rendered as 3D models. Of the hundred or so entries, only three were preselected and turned into life-size clay models.

Nissan executives were in charge of choosing the winner, who turned out to be the input for the Japanese design team.

Yamashita also shared that the interior of the Nissan Z was meant to be an evolution of the current Z. But Nissan executives stepped in and wanted something awesome to match the exterior design. It made him very happy, and rightly so, because it’s something he could call his own.

Of course, Ohkoshi and Yamashita were just one part of a team, led by Satoru Tai and Alfonso Albaisa, the main designers of the Nissan Z. Tai and Albaisa have both shared their ideas before when it came to again from the Z Proto, which should give you all the ideology behind the new Z car.

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