Stadium Drive construction project in Kalamazoo nears halfway through

KALAMAZOO, MI — A total reconstruction of Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo is about halfway done, city officials said this week.

The Stadium Drive construction project, which began in April, is expected to be completed in October, said Anthony Ladd, director of the city of Kalamazoo’s public works division.

The city is rebuilding the roadway and adding a landscaped median to separate travel directions on Stadium Drive between Howard and Lovell streets. The orange cones limiting traffic to one lane in each direction were installed in April.

“We’re definitely on schedule,” Ladd said. “Everything is going well from a construction standpoint.”

When complete, a landscaped median with trees and grass will replace the previously unused center lane, Ladd said.

Additionally, a separate non-motorized path will pass on the north side of Stadium Drive to provide pedestrians and cyclists with a safe place to ride, he said. A buffer zone of native prairie grasses will separate the trail from the road.

Also, where the trail runs alongside the road, a sidewalk and traffic delineators will help separate the trail from traffic. It will look like the trail along Drake Road through Asylum Lake Park, Ladd said.

The project will also improve pedestrian signaling at all intersections with traffic lights. All signals will have push buttons and audible signals to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The project started simply as a need to resurface Stadium Drive, Ladd said. But city officials used the resurfacing project as an opportunity to improve the roadway in other ways, such as adding a safe path for pedestrians, he said.

Another project is underway this year to improve the efficiency of the Stadium Drive and Howard Street intersection, Ladd said. City officials hope to improve the traffic light system to help vehicles move through the multi-lane intersection more efficiently, he said.

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