Shortage of building materials delays construction of new homes

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – If you wait until your new home is built, you could be waiting a lot longer than you expected.

Supply shortages are causing delays in the residential construction industry and could soon worsen.

Some people have to wait several weeks to months to start building.

Not only do these delays create headaches for home buyers, but also for home builders.

Cyndi Koester’s parents are building a new home in Mesquite and like many families they face delays.

“In June, they were told 6 months,” Koester told 8 News Now. “The end of July has gone down to eight months and now they are running from eight to 10 months. “

Koester says his family is now living in an Air BNB which is increasing its costs.

These construction delays affect many home builders.

Nat Hodgson of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association says a lot of the materials come from overseas and are stranded on ships in the port.

“Windows, plastic, appliances, garage doors, I mean garage doors, we’re trying to finish people’s houses and you can’t move them because there aren’t any garage doors,” Hodgson explains.

The shortage means that homeowners’ move-in dates are being pushed back and buyers are looking for homes in an already tough rental market.

“We have quite a few Californian buyers, they sold it, they came here and are preparing to close their house here with a date and the house is finished except for a few pieces of hardware that they lack.” , added Hodgson.

He also says this shortage is leading some builders to ask building departments to allow some buyers to move into homes that are not yet finished.

The problem won’t go away overnight and he says it could get worse over the next two months.

“When you solve the port problem, you have to put the product on the trucks,” Hodgson added.

If you are planning to build a new home in the near future, industry experts urge you to have a little flexibility on your move-in dates.

Hodgson also suggests staying in touch with the home builder you are working with as much as possible, to be notified when a delay might be expected.

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