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The featured image: Logan Hubberd explains his research on “civic engagement and academic achievement” to the SCARF judges. Photo credit: Erica Godbolt

Lyon students gained confidence in their presentation skills at the annual Creative Arts and Student Research Forum (SCARF) on March 15, with several winning awards for their performance.

The event is organized annually by the Mortar Board section of Lyon College and the SCARF committee, with faculty, staff and community members volunteering to serve as judges. All presenters receive Lyon College scarves and the opportunity to work alongside an academic advisor to develop their research and presentation for the forum.

“SCARF is an incredible opportunity for our students to showcase the research, art and projects they have been working on throughout the year,” said President Melissa Taverner. “It not only highlights academic achievement, but also provides opportunities for collaboration between students and faculty, similar to what they will experience in professional settings.”

This year’s winners were:

Winners of the oral presentations:

  • First Place Award – Jake Smith and Wyatt Treadway, “Simple Click Chemistry on Complex Rifamycin Core Leads to Novel Antimicrobials”
  • Second Prize – Ace (Erin) McIntier, “Art in the Sublime”
  • Third Place Award – Rebekah Garcia, “Cutting Weight Sucks: Why Do We Do It?” »

Poster/Demonstration Presentation Winners:

Artistic/Performance Category

  • First Place Award – Aria Switzer, “Cycles”
  • Runner Up – Brittany Cook, “Mindfull”

Business Category

  • First Place Award – Jevanni Hinkson, Zackary Curlee, Grant Patterson, “Batesville Caribbean Kitchen”
  • Second Place Award (Tie) – David Overpeck, Nathan Couch & Kenny Couch, “Dry Sole”
  • Second Prize (Tie) – Kate Whitenton, Mauro Garretano and Tino Mtangadura, “Build Your Future”

Search category

  • First Place Award – Lola Beeser and Catalina Terlea, “Biological Significance of Comparable Amino- and Starchaphthoquinones”
  • Second Place Award – Nikkolette Perkins, Rachel Tyler and Haven Harness, “Aminonaphthoquinones Show Activity Against Lung Cancer Cell Lines”

Ryan Moxley’s poster presentation, “Increase in localized muscle tissue volume under blood flow restriction,” tested whether pneumonic cuffs, similar to those used to check blood pressure, alter individuals’ muscle definition. Moxley found that the armband induced a 58% increase in muscle volume after exercise, dramatically increasing the potential for faster muscle growth.

“I did this research for about six weeks in my comparative physiology class, and Dr. Maryline Jones encouraged me to present it to SCARF,” he said.

“Presenting research can be a little nerve-wracking, and this experience has helped me gain confidence.”

Sarah Tallents said her project, “Overparenting: Academic Achievement and Mental Health in Students,” led to unexpected results. Although there was a correlation between overparenting and higher rates of depression and anxiety, there was no significant correlation between overparenting and academic performance.

“It was surprising because you would think there was more than one association,” Tallents said.

She was able to present her research at a conference last May, which helped shape her presentation for SCARF.

“The presentation at the conference and the questions from the audience definitely helped because we saw what worked and what didn’t,” Tallents said. “I learned to trust what I know. I worked on this research for more than a semester, so I know my subject well.

Cassidy Garrett said SCARF was her first research presentation. She and Ethan Turner had been working on their presentation, “Caffeine as a Marker of Pollution in Batesville Waterways”, with Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr Irosha Nawarathne.

Garrett said the presence of caffeine in waterways is a good indicator of human pollution, so their goal was to see if certain areas were more polluted than others. Unfortunately, an error with the machine used to test caffeine concentration forced the group to restart and troubleshoot their research methods. After identifying the problem, the group decided to restart their project and use the college’s high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine to test their water samples.

“It will add more steps and make the process take longer,” Garrett said, “but research comes with problems.”

“Dr. Irosha told us that if it was easy enough to do overnight, then it wouldn’t be research. It’s all part of growing up as a researcher,” Garrett said with a laugh.

The Mortar Board Order of Tartans Chapter would like to thank the faculty, staff and volunteers who served on the SCARF committee and as judges. This year’s SCARF committee included Acting Provost Dr. Anthony K. Grafton, Dr. John Becker, Dr. Angela Buchanan, Professor Maggie Gayle, Dr. Maryline Jones and Dr. Irosha Nawarathne.

This year’s judges were Dr. Alok Amatya, Dr. John Becker, Elaine Bieberly, Dr. Cliff Bieberly, Suzanne Blair, Fuller Bumper, Bill Campbell, Gene Crawford, Mathew Crider, Carly Dahl, Dr. Scott Fredricks, Professor Maggie Gayle, Dr. Barry Gehm, Pooja Ghai, Ryan Hill, Selwyn Jones, Danica Joplin, Dr. Raman Kutty, Patrick Lynch, Dr. Rob Miller, Dr. Cassia Oliveira, Bradley Rogers, Dr. Monica Rodriguez, Rev. Leslie Roper, Dr Eric Sud, Dr Peter Staples, Zac Stewart, Dr Radek Szulga, David Taverner, Lyon President Dr Melissa Taverner, Donald Taylor, Jordan Trant and Dr Tharanga Wijetunge.

Nawarathne, Mortar Board’s educational advisor, said the event would not have been possible without the contributions of keynote speaker Jordan Trant, ’19; the excellent volunteer judges; the dedicated members of the SCARF committee; indentured members of the Chapter of the Order of Tartans of the Mortar Board National Honor Society; the solidarity administration of Lyon; dedicated members of the college’s marketing, catering, printing, facilities, information technology and maintenance departments; generous donors and the Advancement team; Jeffery Gayle and all attendees.

“We have support for SCARF at all levels in Lyon,” Nawarathne said. “President Taverner was one of the first to email me offering to become a SCARF judge, and her husband, David Taverner, was equally enthusiastic about volunteering.”

“The 2022 SCARF Evening was an amazing experience thanks to every student researcher and faculty mentor who contributed to the diverse, high quality and excellent lineup of presentations,” she said.

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