Road construction continues as school begins on Wednesday

CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – Although summer vacation ends Tuesday, the road construction season does not.

The New Year begins Wednesday in the Eau Claire Region School District (ECASD), students, parents and teachers will be grappling with road works.

One notable project is the reconstruction of Keith Street near Memorial High School. The project reconstructs the entire road between Brackett Avenue and Clairemont Avenue.

Eau Claire interim director Leah Ness said the entire project is expected to be completed in October. The portion between Hopkins Avenue and Clairemont Avenue will be completed in the coming weeks. The city will reopen this area south of Hopkins Avenue on Wednesday for Memorial High School traffic.

The school district has confirmed that all access points to Memorial High School will be open on Wednesday.

“We can at least get in, drop the kids off, pick them up and take a left exit onto one of the side streets back to Rudolph,” said Marty Klukas, general manager of Student Transit.

Student Transit operates the ECASD bus services.

“We are used to this. It happens every year, ”Klukas said of the construction projects.

He adds that the drivers are ready for the first day of school.

“The good news is that in town we normally have very few problems,” Klukas said. “In other words, we just take a detour a block or two, and then we just communicate with these families to make sure these kids are in the right place or in a different place.”

He added that part of the reason things are going well is because of Student Transit’s relationship with the City of Eau Claire.

Ness said she makes sure Klukas knows which streets might be closing.

“They know how they can reroute their buses and their related pickups and disembarks to this area,” she said.

“The City of Eau Claire, their engineering department is fantastic,” Klukas said. “They think about all of these things, they watch their road traffic and they get the best possible action plans to make sure the traffic keeps going.”

In addition to working with Student Transit on construction projects, he said the city sometimes offers traffic control measures, including changing the times of traffic lights so that buses can pass quickly.

There is also road construction on Eddy Lane near Sam Davey Primary School. Ness said crews are expected to finish it in October.

Klukas also asks students to be at their bus stop five minutes early each morning so that the buses can stay on time.

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