‘Protected by a cone’, construction workers urge drivers to exercise caution on projects

SPOKANE, Wash – The construction season is underway in Spokane. The Hatch Road Bridge was closed Tuesday for work.

On West Geiger Boulevard, crews closed one lane to complete construction of the roundabout.

Michael Adams, managing director of Pavement Surface Control, a construction company, said drivers’ frustrations were blamed on them.

“I just saw a driver get frustrated and have choice words for us,” he said. “We’re not here to drive people crazy, we’re here to do our job as fast as possible, if they can just have a little patience with us, we’re just trying to do our job and pave the way. back up as soon as possible.

He begs drivers to help keep workers safe during the construction season.

“On freeways where it’s 70 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour, you’re protected by a foot-wide cone,” Adams said. “It’s hard work, so if people can slow down in our work areas and be careful, it will get us home at night to our families.”

Anyone who incurs a fine in a construction zone will have to pay double that.

“If that ticket is $550 for careless driving, you’re looking at a fine of over $1100 because it was in a construction zone, and those aren’t dimmable, so that means they can’t be reduced,” Sergeant Greg said. Riddell, PIO for the Washington State Patrol. “What we’re probably seeing the most is drivers speeding.”

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