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The 2×8 Exhibition is a design competition and scholarship program that showcases the work of students from various architecture and design institutions across California. Led by the AIA | LA, ARCHITECTURE FOR LOS ANGELES COMMUNITIES (ACLA), and the 2×8 committee, this year’s winning design is PORO-City by Chieh-Ting Chuang, Martha Kriley, Yushan Men and Kyoung Eun Park. The project uses milk crates to function as a brick system that “is neither transparent nor solid, housing the exhibition without imposing a hard border,” shares the design team.

As the exhibition’s official media partner, Archinect and Bustler will cover this year’s event, projects and award-winning students. What makes this particular exhibition design competition unique is its open appeal to design professors. The competition dossier asks designers to “design, build and install the 2021 2×8 exhibition to present up to 40 student projects, divided into 2 to 10 projects per site (approximately 4 to 6 sites)”.

2008 2×8: Conception of the SKIN exhibition by Clay Holden, Ryan Gobuty and Jorge Marien. Image courtesy of the 2×8 exhibit

2014 2×8: Conception of the EVOLVE exhibition by Julia Koerner, Marie Boltenstern and Kais Al-Rawi. Image © Ryan Gobuty / Courtesy AIA | LA

A permanent goal of the 2×8 exhibition design is that the exhibition installation also has a ‘second life’. The production of the exhibition must also ensure a minimum of waste during its production, shares the program of the exhibition. “The submitted proposals are necessary to incorporate an innovative strategy for the reuse of exhibit materials after exposure and the potential for future recycling.”

Due to last year’s pandemic, the 2×8 exhibition was held virtually for the first time. However, the 2×8 exhibit is excited to plan their event in person and build the winning design. According to the planning team, the theme of this year’s exhibition will focus on the community. “The title of our 2021 exhibit is 2×8: Assemblies. The term ‘Assemblies’ can refer to groups of people coming together as well as the building process in which various pieces are put together to form a whole.”

Here are the pictures and details of the exhibition design.

2×8 Exhibition Designer Winner: PORO-City

Design team: Chieh-Ting Chuang, Martha Kriley, Yushan Men and Kyoung Eun Park

Define diagrams. Image courtesy of Chieh-Ting Chuang, Martha Kriley, Yushan Men and Kyoung Eun Park

Packaging is often a means to an end. Certain types of packaging are designed to be durable and reused. These qualities often inspire a use other than that originally intended. With the help of community organizations in Los Angeles, the exhibit materials will be collected and reused for this design. The boxes will house the exhibition without imposing a rigid border. The undulating porous walls will frame the city and create views that put more emphasis on the relationship between the exhibition and the site, while at the same time reminiscent of the cinder block walls, an iconic part of the LA landscape. The modularity of the crate allows flexibility and imagination, and its sturdy construction makes it ideal for reuse. Like the community, this material is constantly recombined and reinvented.

Image courtesy of Chieh-Ting Chuang, Martha Kriley, Yushan Men, and Kyoung Eun Park

Assembling the boxes

The crates will be stacked vertically and secured with cable ties through the existing holes in the structure of the plastic crate. The stacking pattern will resemble a traditional brick stretcher link for structural stability, as this provides additional connection points for cable ties. If necessary to prevent tipping, sandbags or other heavy weights will be added to the base.

The design of the PORO-City exhibit is both modular and flexible to be placed both indoors and outdoors, dispersed throughout the city of LA. Each site location will have its own unique color to contrast and enhance each diverse neighborhood in LA. The crate openings face inward or outward along the curve, allowing them to be used as shelves and storage areas for the community.

Image courtesy of Chieh-Ting Chuang, Martha Kriley, Yushan Men, and Kyoung Eun Park

The design team explains their plans for the ‘second life’ of design after the exhibition ends: “We are currently in contact with several community organizations including LA Community Fridges, Streetwatch LA and Snackbloc to find a second home for them. our exhibit materials. We collectively discussed ideas, including shelves for clothing, planters for community gardening, and crates for food distribution. “

* Stay tuned for more news and details on the 2×8 exhibit on Archinect and Entertainer.

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