Polestar 5 design leaked in patent images before 2024 arrives

Polestar will expand its lineup over the next few years, culminating in the Polestar 5. It won’t arrive until 2024, after the Polestar 3 which debuts in October, and the Polestar 4 will follow in 2023. Polestar has already previewed the EV both as a concept and in its production form, but a new filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office provides further insight into its design.

Polestar teased the 5 late last year, indirectly revealing much of its design. However, the new patent images clearly show how close the production version will be to the concept. They’re strikingly similar, with the production model receiving several tweaks to make it road legal and easier to manufacture on a large scale.

It is commendable that the designers were able to keep the two close. The overall shape is identical to the Polestar Precept concept, with small styling tweaks being the main differentiators. For one, the Polestar 5 seems to ride higher on its suspension. Another subtle difference can be found at the rear. The diffuser retains the same shape as that of the concept, but it is a tad more modest. The production Polestar also sports a proper third brake light, and the trunk/liftback has a different, more accommodating shape.

One of the most noticeable changes between the two is to the doors, with the production version featuring traditional rear doors and a proper B-pillar. The Polestar 5 also retains the concept’s thin-blade taillights that extend and hug the rear. Even the wheels seem unchanged. One issue with the vehicle could be the visibility of the awards, as the images show a lot of sheetmetal in the rear.

Details remain scarce on the model’s powertrain, and Polestar hasn’t been keen to divulge much. We haven’t seen the interior either, and the car is still two years away. When it goes on sale it will be a direct competitor to cars like the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S and Audi E-Tron GT, although we expect there will be more in the future. when the Polestar 5 goes on sale.

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