Paul George Puts Clippers Fan T-Shirt On Big Stage – Press Telegram

Did you see Paul George wearing a T-shirt in a post-game interview on Wednesday night?

It was a gift from longtime Clippers fans who designed shirts and jokes, as the Clippers came back from multiple series deficits 2-0 in the playoffs. ..

“Believe me, I think you can do it to someone like that, almost happy with themselves,” Burns said over the phone Thursday morning. The Clippers’ playoff series ended with a 130-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. “I have the impression that you have to be positive about what you are trying to do, I don’t know how to say it elsewhere.

“And it was great to see the PG included. I was surprised when it was at the Sports Center.

The gray T-shirt has the Clippers logo and the text “TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA” on the background of the city of Los Angeles, all drawn in a design inspired by the rap style of the 1990s.

Burns hooked up with George’s business partner and got a star Clippers shirt. The Clippers stars were the first in franchise history to make the Western Conference Finals and have come together on several occasions to keep the team going. I’ll run alive until I finally bow on Wednesday.

That is, the t-shirt was returned to sender first, and when Burns mailed it back, he estimated that his t-shirt (one to George and one to Terrence Mann) would not make it to Game 5.

“I’m like ‘Dude, we have to win in Phoenix to get them,’” Burns said. “So I put my hopes on the Phoenix PG, and he dropped the Mad 41 and found out yesterday he had it. It’s like fate.

George’s sixth NBA scored 500 points, 150 rebounds and 100 assists in a single playoff series, including George’s Sterling 41 points and 13 rebounds in Phoenix in the Clippers’ 19 playoffs. I became a player. 8 times), Larry Bird (3 times), Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Tim Duncan.

In addition, all seven All-Star and Southern California Native Modeling Burns jerseys are now visible worldwide and are the third player to score more than 20 points in all playoff games in a series of at least 19 games. . became. Joined Michael Jordan (who made it in 1992, ’97, ’98) and Kevin Durant (’12, ’18).

It was a performance that only reinforced Burns’ established belief in George. “That is to say, personally, I think he’s been carrying luggage for us for two years. I see it… and I am certainly grateful.

Fans may also have found another Burns t-shirt design at Mann’s. This is a popular sophomore wing that sported a similarly styled collage of all of the Clippers’ teammates in Round 7 with the Dallas Mavericks in Round 1.

“That’s what I do. I do graphic design and I try to run some brands in parallel in my spare time,” says Burns, 29, from Woodlands Hills. I did. As a sneaker certification system for stadium products.

He said he “didn’t really feel” the other Clippers product, so he decided to “take it on his own.”

Mann definitely dug what Burns came up with.

“It was a special t-shirt for me,” Mann said Thursday. He was one of three Clippers and shared some new post-season ideas with the media. “It’s one of the best teams I’ve ever joined and one of the most special teams I’ve ever joined. So that’s one of the things I just talked about. That’s why I decided to wear a T-shirt with everyone’s faces on it. Everyone stepped up this year so I’m glad I got the T-shirt everyone wore. ”

“My first jersey went to Terence, he wore it, and I was very happy and grateful for that, and a little bit of the traction started to grow,” Burns said. I said Sell both T-shirts online, And those who had to piece together the version Mann wore on July 6th.

“Then I contacted someone in the PG camp… and they didn’t give me any guarantees, and it really happened out of nowhere. ”

Paul George Puts Clippers Fans T-Shirt Design On The Big Stage – Press Telegram Source Link Paul George Puts A Clippers Fans T-Shirt Design On The Big Stage – Press Telegram

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