NVIDIA confirms GeForce 40 series based on Ada architecture and new GeForce RTX logo

NVIDIA Confirms ADA RTX 40 Series Announcement

NVIDIA has just released the upcoming “GeForce Beyond” keynote with CEO Jensen Huang.

The video is streaming in over 41 hours, but that means the video is already recorded and the price is likely final. The video thumbnail and teaser embedded in the first YouTube confirm two things.

The next NVIDIA GeForce series will indeed have a new logo, matching exactly what we saw in the leaks:

New GeForce RTX logo, Source: NVIDIA

This show will be dedicated to the Ada Lovelace architecture and the GeForce 40 series, as suggested by the supposed discord user’s avatar and nickname highlighted in the teaser.

Index on the Ada/RTX 40 series, Source: NVIDIA

These are of course only confirmations of what was already known, but at least now we can call it official. On September 20, we will officially hear about the GeForce RTX 40 series based on the Ada architecture. NVIDIA is going to announce the RTX 4090 series and most likely the RTX 4080 series. The former would be the first GPU to launch next month.

But there is one more thing, a post-it with a question “IT or tie?”. It seems unlikely that NVIDIA will also announce 4090 Ti, so probably added as a joke.

Ti or Tie?, Source: NVIDIA


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