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Daniel Okulitch, originally from Calgary, Alberta, has been a professional opera singer for over 25 years. He has performed for the New York City Opera, the Los Angeles Opera, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and many other venues. Last month he completed a series of performances at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow as the main character in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”. His partner Lara, also a singer, introduced him to the crossword puzzle last year as part of their morning routine and he started building soon after. Doug Peterson, from Pasadena, Calif., Is a professional crossword builder. Both have been featured online. – WS

1 research subject for which Bohr won a Nobel Prize in physics

19 Protagonist of “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead

22 Recycle Bin Day Reminder, Maybe

23 Crowded side for a hairdresser?

25 cat rodent catcher

26 Manufacturer of Regenerist products

28 French automotive pioneer Louis

30 Dan Conner and Danny Tanner eg.

34 On the scuffle side for a veterinarian?

41 Try to lighten up, maybe?

42 70s New York Cosmos Star

46 National gemstone of Mexico

50 Hustle and bustle for a therapist?

56 “A confederation of dunces” author

58 Many Poems by Sharon Olds

62 It can be ignored

65 Its fleece is hypoallergenic

67 Side jostling for an anesthesiologist?

73 Leon who wrote “Battle Cry”

74 Passionate ornithologist, let’s say

77 First shot of the day

81 Spanish city north of León

87 Side jostling for a carpenter?

100 Record Company for Otis Redding and Big Star

101 Hustle and bustle for a marriage counselor?

109 Person with a lot to show

115 Museum which awards the Turner Prize

116 “Oh yeah? Look at me!”

118 A side activity for an exercise instructor?

122 Showbiz Award Series at a Glance

124 Actress and inventor Lamarr

125 Origin of the tradition of shaking hands in greeting

126 melee, with “top”

1 “Because freedom cannot protect itself” org.

3 evil creatures in 7-Down

6 “Moonlight” Mahershala

7 the Frodo movie franchise, colloquially

9 one with a nesting instinct

12 something done in a hurry

14 A descendant, so to speak

16 Dwight’s Double Opponent

18 Guilty Encounter, Maybe

29 Nobel Laureate Gordimer

37 Like a Freudian fixation

40 Fashion thrift stores, in an informal way

48 Justice from 2006

49 New Testament miracle recipient

53 Its etymology could derive from the diminutive of “borough” in Italian

54 “Mission: Impossible” composer of the Schifrin theme

55 Congress Center Event

61 1979 Commodores hit with the lyrics “Good times never felt so good”

65 One of the two in “Hamilton”

66 Aggressively mainstream, in slang

70 Org. with divisions I-III

71 Thriller Hoag

72 native of Pandora in “Avatar”

79 Word after high or low

80 Classic comedy show

82 Unique ingredient in some cookies?

83 Rock with colorful bands

86 “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” vampire

88 Like a bad outcome for all

99 Hotel room restriction

100 Drive to the station, say

107 Giant bird of the Arab myth

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