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The new version of the ID will inspire more inclusiveness on campus, while also being classified as an official document for voting purposes. ORACLE PHOTO / LEDA ALVIM

USF IDs will soon receive a facelift as the student government strives to incorporate inclusiveness and make it a valid government ID into its new design.

The new pieces of ID will include a student’s signature, pronouns, preferred name in addition to their legal name, and a 211 phone number that students can call if they need help from the Tampa Bay Crisis. Center, according to Tampa Lt. Gov. Kiara Brooks.

It was originally slated for release in May, Brooks said, but the time spent on the project has been underestimated, so an official date is still unknown.

While the design has yet to be released to the public, students can expect to see their name and preferred pronouns on the front of the card. Their signature will be on the back, next to their legal name. Emergency telephone numbers will also be located on the back of the card.

The new cards will follow a similar design to the previous IDs, such as colors, placement of images, and logo, but the location of student personal information may differ. The back of the card will still have the phone numbers for the Victim Support Line, Counseling Center, SAFE Team, and University Police, but the Tampa Bay Crisis Center number will be a new addition. to the list.

Brooks said changes are underway to meet the state’s voter identification qualifications, as the signature will give the card validity as an official document that students can use to identify themselves. The ID can also be used to vote in place of their driver’s license. She said adding preferred pronouns and names would strengthen the university’s mission to be as inclusive as possible for students.

“[By adding] the legal name and signature of the student, this may be an official source of identification, ”said Brooks. “When you go to vote… you will need to have your legal name on it, so you can use your USF ID. “

The legal name should be included, but preferred names and student pronouns are prioritized for implementation to further ensure a more inclusive environment.

“Signatures are also extremely important because many international students want to be able to use the USF ID as a form of government identification,” Brooks said. “They can’t do it without [their] legal name and signature appearing on the card itself.

The development of revamped ID cards began with the previous administration of student government under former Governor Zach Blair-Andrews and Lieutenant Governor Spencer McCloskey.

“With student ID cards there is a fair amount of change that they have proposed that would not only contribute to a more inclusive community here, but also so that our ID cards can be called voter, ”Brooks said.

Brooks said these additions will inspire positive change in terms of inclusive efforts for the university and its community at large.

“We need to encourage more students to use these preferred names and pronouns, and it is important to go one step further to ask for someone’s preferred pronouns, especially because you want it to be an inclusive and tolerant environment,” she declared.

“In order to globally change the expectations of our community and the way we should treat each other and simply accept each other fully, it is important that these preferred pronouns, signatures and names be inscribed on our identity cards. “

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