Motorists decry delays created by Broad Ripple construction

Recent work on Broad Ripple Avenue and a proposed bridge across the street are changing the way visitors enter and exit the village.

INDIANAPOLIS — Drivers and Businesses in a wide wave share their frustration with all the construction going on in the area.

“I feel like they have to. Honestly, I’m sorry, it’s been too long,” David Lell said as he sat in traffic along Broad Ripple Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s the kind of expectation that Lell honks whenever he goes to the village these days.

“It’s saved. I mean, you might as well be downtown,” he said.

The congestion is part of the city’s effort to improve the area with wider sidewalks, more lighting, and adjustments to sewer and stormwater capacity.

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Work on Broad Ripple Avenue, along with a project just down the street to improve the bridge over the central canal, has changed how visitors enter and exit the village, and how long it may take.

“Twenty to 25 minutes to make sure you get through traffic,” Erica Brown said of the weather she expects when she comes to Broad Ripple. “Who really wants to plan their day when they go out to eat or have fun, take a walk, have a drink, whatever?”

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“It’s stressful trying to eat, like if you’re hungry, you can’t get there fast, so it’s hard to get around, really,” Nicholas Walters said.

On its website, the Broad Ripple Village Association said it was aware the construction would present challenges for vehicle access, but was working closely with the city’s Department of Public Works to anticipate and answer as many problems as possible.

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“There’s no quick way around it anymore,” Joe Haselden said.

And because of that, Haselden said he was tempted to go somewhere else, instead of the VIP Smoke Shop, where he’s a regular.

“It’s hard to turn around, nowhere to park. Intersections, you can’t turn at intersections, that’s bad,” Haselden said.

And the store owner fears it’s bad for business.

“It’s definitely slower than it normally should be,” said Hani Kadejah, adding that there wasn’t much to do but wait and hope that when it’s over, it’s okay. it’s worth it.

“We get by, you know,” Kadejah said.

According to the BRVA website, construction of the bridge is expected to continue until early fall. Construction on Broad Ripple Avenue will continue until next spring.

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