Kush Groove/KG Collective prepares to begin construction at the Columbus Ave location.

Michael Pires and Marcus Johnson-Smith of Kush Groove/KG Collective are preparing to open their first cannabis retail stores in Cambridge and Brockton, with plans to open a location at 1589 Columbus Ave. by late summer/early fall of this year.

“We’re finalizing the design concept right now,” Pires said, and expect to begin demolition in the coming weeks, with construction expected to be complete by the end of the summer.

Pires and Johnson-Smith, who grew up in the community and are thrilled to be business partners, have already launched their first cannabis product which is sold in more than 45 stores across Massachusetts, Slow and steady.

Tom Schneider, Marketing Director at Revolutionary Clinics, Mike Pires and Marcus
Johnson-Smith of Kush Groove/KG Collective. Photo courtesy of Kush Groove

“We are inspired by a slow and steady lifestyle,” Johnson-Smith told the Caribbean Gazette, where he and Pires were visiting. He said the two wanted to create a brand that helps take people away from the hectic lifestyle of city life and “take you to the Caribbean.” We do this with the menu’ flavors, which include fruits like papaya and passion fruit.

“All have different cannabis CBD ratios,” he said, and all edibles contain vegan ingredients.

Edibles launched just over three months ago. “The community really benefits,” Johnson-Smith said. The products are one of the top-selling products at Center St.’s SEED Dispensary, Johnson-Smith said. “We are just very happy with the product itself. »

KG Collective has another store under construction in Cambridge at the moment, which is due to open in June, as well as its Brockton location, which is about to start construction.

Pires said the location of Columbus Ave. will be “unique in that” it will feature a Kush Groove store inside, where the duo will sell their branded merchandise and apparel. He said it would be a “smaller version of what we had at Mission Hill”, where they sold similar merchandise and paraphernalia to those 21+.

“The best way to describe it,” Johnson-Smith said, is a “dispensary gift shop.”

He added that since the two have been in the community for so long and “have had a presence in the community,” they don’t anticipate having any issues with their Columbus Ave. store, but if there were any , “the line of communication has been there and will always be there,” he said.

Pires added that “integrity and safety” are at the heart of their concerns, and that they already have experience in managing “adults-only establishments” and have experience in dealing with minors and “manage proper operation”.

Although the duo don’t grow their own marijuana, “that’s our goal,” Pires said. “When we open, we will be sourcing produce from local growers.”

Pires and Johnson-Smith said they want to locate their Jamaica Plain store at 1598 Columbus Ave. because Pires used to pass by on his way to the Kush Groove store in Mission Hill and it’s in a community he’s familiar with.

“There are constraints on having a cannabis store,” Johnson-Smith added, such as not being allowed to have one within half a mile of a school or other dispensary and the property must be commercial property.

“There’s a lot to be excited about,” Pires said, adding that he was “very happy to know” that Johnson-Smith will be by his side as a business partner.

“I can attest to that,” Johnson-Smith said. “I’m excited…to really focus on building the brand and expanding it internationally. Kush Groove is synonymous with peace, love and freedom.

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