iPhone SE 2022 Review Roundup; Aged design gets some criticism but overall a solid overall performer that impresses in the camera department

With the embargo lifted, reviews of the 2022 iPhone SE are pouring in, with the majority of them giving the $429 device full marks in the performance and camera department. Unfortunately, they heavily criticized Apple for keeping the same design as the previous generation version.

Patrick Holland from CBS reports that the low-cost model is the cheapest gateway into Apple’s ecosystem, but also believes that the second-generation iPhone SE shouldn’t have been dropped.

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“As was the case in 2016 and 2020, iPhone SE is your cheapest ticket into Apple’s ecosystem: iCloud, iMessage, App Store, Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, FaceTime. At $429, I think it’s worth the price and it’s amazing value for what you get.

I wish Apple had kept the 2020 iPhone SE on its list as an even cheaper way to get an iPhone, but this new iPhone SE still packs a lot of modern features and will likely get more iOS updates in the near future. years to come.

Allison Johnson of The Verge reports that she was surprised by the design and screen, but says hardware upgrades are welcome.

“Everything about the iPhone SE is designed for the next few years, except for one very important component: the display. Specifically, the thick bezels that line the 4.7-inch LCD screen at the top and bottom. It’s a tired design straight out of 2017 that makes an already small screen look even smaller than it could be.

It’s a shame, because otherwise the SE is a fantastic mid-range phone. With a starting price of $429, it will give you a great return on investment as it will almost certainly benefit from software updates for years to come. This year’s model also features 5G and, of course, Apple’s latest and greatest processor, both of which future-proof the phone for the wireless advancements to come in the near future.

There are other notable improvements too, like a bigger battery and some camera software updates, which certainly help keep the SE technologically up-to-date. And there’s still the home button with Touch ID, which some people just prefer over Face ID and gesture navigation. This iPhone SE is for them, or someone who just wants an iOS device for as little money as possible and doesn’t mind a small screen. But for everyone else, I think this vintage design is just a little too dated and probably best left in the past.

Cherlynn Low Engadget commented on the iPhone SE 2022 camera, saying it’s at a disadvantage, but for this hardware, it can capture decent photos.

“The iPhone SE’s biggest drawback in the mid-range space is its cameras. It only has a single 12-megapixel rear sensor with an f/1.8 aperture, whereas most competitors have at least two, making them more versatile shooting rigs.

But if you’re content with a solo camera, the iPhone SE 2022 will suffice. It takes surprisingly sharp and colorful photos that are comparable to those of the iPhone 13 mini. The ornaments on the red brick facade of a local building looked just as sharp when photographed on either phone, even when I zoomed in all the way. It’s clear that with the A15 Bionic and processing upgrades like Smart HDR 4, Apple was able to make the iPhone SE’s camera perform just as well as its flagship’s main sensor.

Those who want superior cameras and displays, however, should at least consider the Galaxy A52 or iPhone 13. If you can wait a bit longer and don’t mind Android, there’s also a luck that Google’s next mid-range Pixel is a better deal. For now, it’s nice to see a new iPhone SE that brings modern performance and connectivity in a design that fans of smaller phones will appreciate. It’s basic, but it gets the job done.

You can also check out some review videos below posted by notable creators.

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The 2022 iPhone SE is available for pre-order on Apple’s website, with the 64GB model carrying a $429 price tag.

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