Innovative design. Lots of potential. Nomatic Everyday Backpack Review

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Peter McKinnon’s inaugural partnership with Nomatic generated a buzz when they launched their Kickstarter backpack in 2019. They’re back for another collaboration to ring the successor, the Nomatic Everyday backpack. The second Kickstarter recently ended and production is underway.

The Nomatic Everday Backpack retains many of the popular original features such as Quick Top Access, Rear Access, Rolling Luggage Handle Passage, and plenty of customization options. Their latest innovation is a smaller version of their original camera bag that can double as an everyday backpack.

Much of the hype centers around the collaboration with Peter McKinnon. Even the press release we received was about his influence on social media during the presentation of the backpack. The Nomatic Everyday backpack has many great options and features to meet various needs. Does it offer the comfort and personalization that its name suggests to become your everyday bag? We’ve received a prototype backpack to see if it’s worth the price of $ 324.

Too long did not read

The Nomatic Everyday backpack is an innovative backpack with many customization options. There is room for improvement in the comfort department to serve every body type and double as an everyday bag.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Personalization makes the bag very functional

  • Easy access to the different compartments of the bag

  • Luggage handle passage with wheels

  • Laptop sleeve offers room for a 16 “MBP

  • Organization

  • Waterproof

  • High quality construction

The inconvenients

  • It’s really big.

  • The adjustable chest straps provide an odd fit for women.

  • The straps could be more comfortable, especially when weighed down by camera equipment.

  • Unzipping the rear compartment to access all of the components takes some getting used to. It is a different design from a lot of camera backpacks.

Equipment used

I used the Nomatic Everyday backpack with the large cube. I was able to fit a Canon 5D Mark IV camera body, Canon 85mm f1.2 L II lens, lens hood, charger, instant film, Broncolor transceiver and GoPro into the big cube. . The top compartment easily contained my 501cm Hasselblad and instant cameras.

I was also able to fit in a 16-inch MacBook Pro, two water bottles, memory cards, lens caps, and personal items with room to spare. The large cube can be customized to fit the smaller camera bodies and multiple lenses used by most DSLR systems.

The backpack accommodated the Fujifilm 70-300 f4-5.6 lens and the Fujifilm XT-4 camera body. It would also fit a lot more hardware if you were using a smaller system such as the Leica M mount and newer mirrorless systems.

Technical specifications

All technical specifications were provided by Nomatic McKinnon Everday Kickstarter Campaign.

  • Constructed with durable, water-resistant materials and zippers

  • 19 “high x 12” wide x 8 “deep

  • Main internal: 18 “x 11” x 5.5 “with top cone

  • Laptop compartment: 14.25 “x 9.75” x 1 “for a laptop up to 16”

  • Weight: 3.42 lbs with ladder system. 3.14 lbs without ladder system

  • Small cube: 10.5 “x 5.25” x 5 “

  • Small cube weight: 0.95 lbs

  • Large cube: 11 “x 11” x 5.5 “

  • Big Cube Weight: 1.77 lbs


Let’s start with the outside of the Nomatic Everyday backpack. Molded EVA back panel carries skull and bone detail, padded shoulder straps with adjustable chest straps and a padded grab handle.

The molded EVA panel has a pass-through slot for a rolling luggage handle. Right after the padding is a laptop sleeve that can hold up to a 16 inch laptop.

On the sides of the bag are magnetic bottle holders that double as a tripod mount by attaching external straps to molly systems. The front of the bag also has several Molly systems to secure larger items such as large tripods or a jacket.

The Nomatic Everyday backpack has top access to place essential or take-out items. It also has full rear access by completely unzipping the back of the bag.

The top access also has a magnetic door for accessibility when the bag is fully open.

We used the main volume system as a full camera backpack with a large cube and scale system for this review. Inside you will find a large removable cube and a removable ladder system. It is fully accessible from the outside without having to completely unzip the bag.

The rear allows for many organization options. It consists of four mesh pockets to store smaller items such as memory cards, batteries, GoPro and chargers.

Build quality

The Nomatic Everyday backpack is made of water resistant materials and zippers. It survived a thunderstorm in Montana and the contents remained dry. The padded grab handle and molded EVA back panels are substantial.
The overall construction of the bag is of high quality and will not wear out quickly.

Cubes provide padded protection, although it is not substantial. I prefer a bit more padding if I had to carry high-end bodies and lenses. I would also like to see a double layer of mesh specifically to avoid the inevitable wear and tear of carrying a tripod.

Ease of use

The Nomatic Everyday backpack is large in size. When not fully full, it tends to rest on your back if you have any trash in your trunk unless the shoulder straps are fully attached. However, this is not the case when the bag is fully used. It’s also heavy enough that I dreaded a long drive and walk to the fourth floor at the end of a long day of filming.

Adjustable chest straps fit most lean body types. I am a very average woman and found the fit of the chest straps to be odd. They are most comfortable in the middle position. However, it really emphasizes the chest in a not-so-flattering way. The high position is too high and tends to push the chest down.

The shoulder straps are positioned wide for small frames. The chest strap should be attached so that it does not feel like it is going to slip. When all the compartments were full, I had broken blood vessels on my shoulders. I usually only experience this when squatting intensely at the gym. The straps felt like they were sinking like underwire coming out of a bra when carrying heavy gear for long periods of time.

Access from above is very convenient. I often found myself putting the body of my main camera in it when I moved to another location. I also liked putting an instant camera and instant film in the top compartment to quickly grab some candid shots between looks.

To access the equipment in the large cube, you have to put the bag on the ground and decompress it completely. I think the cube should be attached to the back of the bag with the laptop to rest on the straps when it is on the floor. Having the cube in the front and having to unzip the weight of the laptop felt backwards in this prototype. At the same time, it makes sense.

Small cubes and ladder system allow for additional customization for easy access to organization from above without having to fully unzip the bag.



  • The customization options will meet the needs of most photographers.

  • Waterproof

  • Luggage handle passage with wheels

  • Lots of organization

  • Easy access to the top compartment is very convenient.

Do not like

  • It’s heavy for an everyday bag.

  • The shoulder straps could be more comfortable.

  • I don’t like the details of the skull and bones.

  • The adjustable chest straps could be upgraded to comfortably fit more than one specific athletic body type.

The Nomatic Everyday backpack offers a plethora of customizations that will meet the needs of most photographers. All the convenience comes at the cost of a great deal though.

Weight will not be an issue when worn for short periods of time. However, we would like to see them revisit the chest straps and shoulder straps to make the backpack more comfortable for women and other non-athletic body types.

Since this is a prototype, it is possible that the comfort will be improved in the stars of manufacturing. As is, we give it three out of five stars.

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