How It Would Be If I Returned: Evo Lucas Pays Tribute To Sarah Carrera With New Song

What if I went back / to see what was left of us / We were still saying. The verses are part of Evo Lucas’ new single, “So Desta Fizz”, which was released on Friday, and although the actor and singer is not intended to be dedicated to Sarah Carrera, who died at the age of 21. in a tragic car crash on the A1 (they were both in the car) in December 2020, the lyrics leave no doubt. We hid / We think what we should be perverted, ”he sings.

“What I feel at every dawn / The lack I feel today at bedtime / Keeping the feeling makes us more alone / Because we know that at that time we only played against us.” The music has collected the reactions of many professional colleagues, including Miguel Cristofino (Dama), Fernando Daniel, Leandro or Carolina Deslands. The latter even wrote that “pain also makes flowers appear”.

The song comes five months after Evo Lucas wrote a heartfelt and passionate dedication on the release of Associação Sara Carreira’s hymn. The theme of “Leva-me a Viajar” was a partnership between Ivo and Sara Carreira. At that time the young man wrote: “Life has touched us and I ask you every day to help me walk, and I promise you that I will try to do it for you. I will fulfill all the promises and goals we set for ourselves, because they don’t end there. “

Tony cancels a concert
Tony Carrera was scheduled to take the stage this Saturday at Pavilhão Multiusos in Guimarães, however, the concert has been postponed. According to the singer, this is due to the latest updates from the government and the DGS.

But the explanation did not please some fans, who indicated on the singer’s official page that all restrictions were lifted in October.

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