How Can Ads Reassure Customers After Freedom Day?

Since the country went into lockdown in March 2020, one of the hardest hit sectors has been the hospitality industry, with prolonged lockdowns and restrictions in place since, forcing nearly 10,000 licensed establishments to close their doors permanently.

But is the easing of restrictions on July 19 a cause for celebration or a moment of caution?

While some happily embrace the newfound freedoms with plans to party with large groups of friends and family, others try it cautiously for size, mask in hand.

So, with two such opposing approaches, how can you reassure your customers that you’re ready to greet them through your doors again – whether they’re sprinting or tiptoeing across the threshold?

Know your audience

Depending on where you are, the type of location you are in, your offering and your branding, you will most likely have a “typical customer”. And by using listening tools, you can gauge how your audience is feeling.

Social media is often seen as an external communication tool, but in reality one of their primary goals for businesses should be to listen to their customers and get a feel for their behavior and thoughts.

Platforms like Facebook can be used to determine what your followers are engaging with, what issues they are talking about, what communications they like and which they don’t.

The Facebook Insights feature will help you figure this out, as well as tell you more about their demographics, such as gender, age, and location. You can also use polling features to ask conversational questions, such as “Do you want to ditch the mask after ‘Freedom Day’: yes or no,” which will help you better understand the thoughts of your followers.

In addition to using online listening tools, it’s also important to encourage your teams to talk to your customers and track their feelings over the coming weeks.

They can either help reassure worried customers or communicate to management teams any issues that may require resolution.

Clear message

I hope you now have a clear position on where your place stands in relation to the measures you have put in place after “Freedom Day”.

Whether these measures celebrate autonomy or adopt a more cautious and protective attitude, it is important to show that they are taken into account and that they have been put in place with the interests of your consumers in mind.

It should also be remembered that the general public has been under restrictions for over a year, and therefore even those who wish to break the restrictions will seek advice.

It may be a good idea to post a statement on your own channels – your website, your social media platforms, and your emails to your database – outlining your location, what people can expect when they visit and what restrictions, if any, remain. and why.

It is also important to continue to keep people informed beyond the initial lifting of restrictions, as a reminder to new and old consumers, and to keep them informed of any adjustments.

Promote your USPs

If your site has features that you think would appeal to the majority of consumers, be sure to promote them and their benefits.

For example, places with outdoor spaces are in the privileged position of being able to promote having a good time in the relative safety of the outdoors.

Other key features you might want to focus on after the restrictions include table service, a separate bar and dining area, and take-out options. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Sweet encouragement

Your most worried clients may need a little encouragement when it comes to getting back to socializing.

Of course, it is important to respect the decision of those who have chosen to stay away from unnecessary close contact with others, but for those who would like to return to some sort of normalcy, there are certain activities you can do. that can help ease their fears.

Find and consider working with high profile and respected local people. It could be an influencer, a celebrity, a sports professional, the local newspaper or even a member of Parliament.

Invite them into your room, making sure they are experiencing the best that you have to offer, and encourage them to post their experience in the hope that others will see it and feel reassured by their approval.

You can also organize an event such as a New Menu Tasting Night, a Day of Family Fun or a Theme Night. If the goal is to attract post-restriction skeptics, you might want to start small and cautiously to make it easier to get back to social gatherings, but hopefully this will interest your audience and make them an attractive enough prospect to consider. encourage them to leave their homes.

Creative ideas that take into account the needs of your audience will not only attract more visitors, but by communicating messages that consistently put their needs first, you will help retain and retain your customers. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Work together

The hospitality industry has faced many challenges over the years, none more so than last year.

Whatever your take on “Freedom Day”, it is important that the industry continues to support each other.

Although it has divided many people, the Covid-19 has shown the importance of communities and community spirit. It’s a message the hospitality industry can maintain and perpetuate long after the pandemic is over.

Ultimately, whatever measures you decide to put in place, do so with the best interests of your consumers in mind and focus on that as the basis for clear and honest communication.

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