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The Senate of Graduate and Professional Students (GPSS) met on October 20 to discuss a Resolution opposing current and planned restrictions on international students and committee reports.

Alexander Novokhodko, a senator from the GPSS studying mechanical engineering, read the amendments to the resolution during the meeting.

“The resolution opposes two restrictions,” Novokhodko said. “One is the Trump era Executive Decree 10043, which prevents graduate students from some Chinese universities from coming to the United States in STEM fields. “

The other restriction addressed by the resolution, Novokhodko said, are guidelines on what the United States will accept as fully vaccinated. The vaccination requirement at UW currently accepts all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). This requirement disproportionately affects international students from countries where WHO Approved vaccines are not as readily available, like Zambia, or students who have only been able to receive a single dose of vaccine so far.

Senators who drafted the resolution, Novokhodko said, worked with members of the UAW International Solidarity Working Group 4121, member of the Union of University Student Employees and Postdoctoral Students, to integrate their concerns of the GPSS Memorandum of the working group in the resolution. The task force memorandum is a memorandum written by UAW 4121 to elected officials in Washington State.

We have had several meetings with busy agendas focused on specific student cases, ”Novokhodko said in an email. “We didn’t have a chance to read the resolution in the working group, but one thing kept coming up, it was the international student working group that was a member of that working group.”

The The International Students Working Group is a working group within the International Solidarity Working Group designed to address issues facing international students.

After the resolution was adopted, the GPSS announced that it was seeking to fill seats on the finance and budget, justice and elections committees (open to all senators) and the Service and Activity Fee (SAF) and U-PASS committees (open to all graduate students).

“[The U-PASS Committee] probably only meets a few times a quarter, but we need representatives to be able to hold the meetings so that we can vote on whether or not U-PASS exists in the winter quarter, ”said Gabby Rivera, vice- president of internal affairs.

Rivera advised all interested graduate students to email [email protected] to find out more about the position and join the SAF or U-PASS committees. The committees meet for one hour a week.

The GPSS meetings will remain hybrid for the rest of the academic year with meetings open to the public every other Wednesday at 5.30 p.m. at HUB 332 and on Zoom. The next meeting this quarter will be on November 3rd.

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