Fortnite seems to have switched back to Xbox One / PS4 Crossplay

Oops, Fortnite has done it again. In September, the Xbox One / PS4 cross-play was, very briefly, made available to Fortnite fans. Developer Epic Games quickly shut it down, accusing a simple misconfiguration, but, nonetheless, eyebrows were raised. Epic has been a staunch supporter of cross-play, Fortnite Creative Director Donald Mustard dropping that silver quote at the recent Game Awards…

“Gamers want crossplay, and at Epic we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Gamers deserve it.”

Has cross play really been activated by accident? Or was Epic perhaps trying to make a point? Well, whatever the cause, it seems to have happened again. Fortnite players are once again reporting signs that some form of cross-play has been activated – for example, a Redditor noticed someone sporting a PS4-exclusive Constructor skin in an Xbox lobby.

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Some Xbox One gamers have also noticed opponents with dashes in their gamertags, which is only possible on PC. Fortnite Is Officially supports cross play between PC and PS4, but, oddly, not between PC and Xbox One. Epic has yet to acknowledge the latest puzzling Fortnite cross-play events.

Will Epic ever be able to activate cross-play for good? When it was briefly activated last year, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted that he wished Epic had left him on. This is nothing new, as Spencer has spoken out in favor of cross-play several times in the past. It is well known that Sony is the one against cross play because, well, they can. Their PlayStation 4 user base is large enough that they don’t need to share users with other platforms. Will Sony ever give in and let Fortnite fans all play together? At this point, it still seems pretty unlikely.

What do you think is really going on with this Fortnite situation? Are you hungry for cross-play or aren’t you particularly interested in the feature?

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