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“FMC GlobalSat is a newcomer to the cruise industry. Founded in 2017, the satellite and wireless solutions provider only started working with cruise lines in 2019. Among its clients is American Queen Steamboat Company.

“Our solution is an open architecture. We integrate multiple networks, such as wireless, 4G, 5G, satellite and broadband satellites. And now we have the right technology to be able to track future LEO satellites. It’s very exciting because it will completely change the dynamics of this industry, ”said Emmanuel Cortel, CEO of FMC GlobalSat. News from the cruise industry.

“While LEO satellites won’t be commercially available until 2022-2023, the performance (with LEOs) is just insane and the price is lower. They will significantly disrupt the industry, ”added Cortel.

According to him, FMC GlobalSat is technically an MVNO – a mobile virtual network operator.

“We operate wireless networks all over the world… so we will converge satellite systems and wireless networks. And that’s basically our flagship product, which is now called 5G / LTSAT (long term satellite), ”he said.

To provide cruise ships with the right bandwidth, networking must be done, according to Cortel.

“Network scaling means you are able to deliver the bandwidth that is the highest probability of the number of customers using the Internet depending on the application they are using… we are tailoring the satellite network. depending on the number of passengers. It therefore ranges from tens of megabits per second to hundreds of megabits of bandwidth on satellites, ”he explained.

Network scaling and bandwidth optimization have become especially crucial as more people use Zoom, Facebook and TikTok, regardless of their age, Cortel said.

A successful internet experience, according to Cortel, is when passengers don’t complain.

“The higher the available bandwidth, the more properly configured the network, the better the customer experience,” he said.

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