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Each week, our editorial team selects a selection of featured jobs on the Archinect job board. Not only do we improve businesses and their open employment opportunities, but we help potential job seekers know what positions are available. Comparing the labor market between summer 2020 and summer 2021 cannot be easily summed up in a few lines. However, the Archinect team continues to observe trends in employment and professional practice to provide resources to the community. Last week, the June Architecture Billings Index (ABI) forecast an increasing demand for design services. Coupled with a report by the chief economist of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), who shared the construction industry, the rebound despite problems with materials and skilled labor As the

As industry developments continue to emerge, companies are looking for architects, technologists, and design professionals as they prepare for Q4 and 2022. Find out your future employer with 13 interviews conducted over the course of Archinect’s “How To Get A Job At _____” series, Archinect Studio Visits series and Studio Snapshot series.

This week’s job selections will include interviews and podcasts with executives from these companies. Collectively, they discuss the history of their respective practice, studio cultures, projects, and what they look for in new hires.

Bestor Architecture

Open positions: Intermediate designer, junior designer and senior designer
Workplace: Los Angeles, CA

Silvertop House, originally designed by John Lautner and restored by Bestor Architects. Photo: Iwan Baan.

The history of art and the history of architecture are often good for our world. A continued interest in visual culture also helps. They should have a sense of free will and be able to speak the truth to power when necessary. – Barbara Bestor

Interview with Archimect: “They should have a sense of free will and be able to speak the truth to power”: Barbara Bestor on what she looks for in new recruits. ”Image courtesy of Yoshihiro Makino.

Oppenheim architecture

Open positions: Architect level I and Architect level II
Workplace: Miami, Florida

Muttenz water treatment plant in Muttenz, Switzerland. Photo by Börje Müller.

The company does not agree to rank anyone on any task or level of signal expertise. Thus, everyone can reach their highest level of experience without being limited by the structure and design process of the company. – Timothy Archambault (director of the firm’s North American operations)

Interview of Architect: do you want to get this interview? It all comes down to the portfolio, says Leadership at Miami-based Oppenheim Architecture. Image courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture (taken before 2020)

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM)

Open positions: Specifications Specialist, Senior Energy Modeler, Senior Architectural Professional and 9 other positions
Work places : Chicaco, Illinois; San Francisco, California; Washington DC; New York, New York State

Image courtesy of SOM

We are looking to see how each candidate will collaborate within our collective practice. It’s important not only to contribute as an individual, but to understand how individual efforts contribute to a better performing team. – Carrie Byles (SOM partner)

Archinect Interview: “SOM Associate Carrie Byles Explains Why ‘Enthusiasm Is More Important Than Experience’ when hiring new employees” – SOM Los Angeles office Photo posted with the courtesy of SOM / © Benny Chan.

CRAZY Architecture

Open positions: Architect / Designer, Intermediate Architect / Designer, Intermediate Architect and Operations Associate
Workplace: Los Angeles, CA

Harbin Opera House by MAD. Image © Adam Mørk

… instead of making big structures and beautiful buildings, we should focus on the environment and the urban space, and on how you encourage people to live – Ma Yangsong

Interview Archinect – A new nature: Interview with Ma Yansong from MAD Architecture

Safdie Architects

Open positions: Processing Archivist, Social Media Coordinator, Design Architect and Architectural Designer
Workplace: Sommerville, MA

Habitat 67: a view of the units from below. Credit: Timothy Hursley courtesy of Safdie Architects

At this point, it’s full blast as we always have. But, also at this point, I have assembled a select group of my most experienced and trusted stock owners. There is now a team committed to their future as I leave the stage. I think because the practice is not personally idiosyncratic, if I can put it that way, much of our design process is extremely open and discussed. -Moshie Safdie

Archinect Interview – “Moshe Safdie reflects on the 50th anniversary of Habitat 67, the masterpiece he produced at age 25” Portrait of Stephen Kelly.


Open positions: (2) Interior designers
Work places : Los Angeles, California and New York, NY

Grand Rapids Art Museum by Why.

We want someone who knows design and understands not only architecture, but how music, fashion, branding, architecture, urban designs and social issues go hand in hand. – Kulapat Yantrasast

Archinect Interview – “Talk About Why This Is The Office For You”: WHY’s Kulapat Yantrasast Shares Candidacy Tips & Life Lessons On Teamwork “Inside WHY’s Culver City office, Image by Amanda Ortland © Archinect


Free position: Designer, Visualization
Workplace: New York, New York State

Mulberry house. Image courtesy of SHoP Architects

… it depends on our design process and the opportunities offered to a young designer entering our office. We have a bottom-up design approach and we give our people a lot of responsibility from the start, which allows them to influence projects from the start. – Lisa Schwert (senior partner at SHoP Architects)

Archinect Interview – “As SHoP Architects evolves, Associate Director Lisa Schwert explains how potential new hires can stand out when applying to their firm” Image courtesy of SHoP Architects (taken before 2020)

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Open positions: Intermediate architect and junior architect
Workplace: Los Angeles, CA

MLK1101 Supervised housing. Image © Paul Vu

We really want a wide range of thinkers to make up our business. With that in mind, we are not only looking at where people went to school, but rather how their specific experience can allow us to put together the best team of diverse individuals. Within our firm, these team members come from several schools of thought and training. – Lorcan O’Herlihy

Archinect Interview – “Treat your CV like a design problem to be solved”: how to get a job at Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects. Image © Colin Lenton


Free position: Architect / Designer
Workplace: Houston, TX

White Oak Music Hall, Image © Peter Molick

We must collaborate and leave room for everyone to evolve over time. We maintain these values ​​in the face of the many dehumanizing pressures of the systems and times in which we live. – Troy Schaum and Rosalyne Shieh

Archimect Interview – “A tale of many cities with Rosalyne Shieh and Troy Schaum of SCHAUM / SHIEH” Image courtesy of SCHAUM / SHEIH

PAU (Practice of Architecture and Urbanism)

Free position: Mid-level designer
Workplace: New York, New York State

Render of PAU’s Domino Sugar Factory adaptive reuse project. Image courtesy of Ether.

One thing I tell my team is that you have to know how to read the city to write there. I think of architecture as an act of writing in the city. And you can’t really do it if you haven’t read it. For me, it goes way beyond this idea of ​​context. – Vishaan Chakrabarti

Archinect Interview – “I think of architecture as an act of writing in the city”: Vishaan Chakrabarti discusses PAU’s upcoming projects “Image courtesy of UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

Rafael Viñoly Architects

Open positions: Marketing proposal and graphic design manager
Workplace: New York, New York State

432, avenue du Parc. Photo courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects.

Any experience, whether in the architectural profession, will have some form of relevance and should not be omitted. – Andrea Lamberti (Partner at Rafael Viñoly Architects)

Archimect Interview – “Any experience will have some relevance”: How to get a job at Rafael Viñoly Architects. The New York City team. Photo courtesy of the company.

Deborah Berke Partners

Free position: Senior Professional
Workplace: New York, New York State

Headquarters of Cummins Indy Distribution. Image © Deborah Berke Partners

I believe that architecture is strengthened, not threatened, by engaging with other areas. – Deborah Berké

Archinect Interview – “Deborah Berke shares her vision as the new dean of the Yale School of Architecture” Image © Winnie Au.

Frederick Fisher and his partners

Open positions: Intermediate designer / architect, marketing manager and project architect
Work places : Los Angeles, California and New York, NY

Tongva Park + Ken Gensler Square by Frederick Fisher and Partners, Miriam Mulder and James Corner Field Operations.

… for the next-gen, it was the same thing: we trust them, they are talented, they are honest, they are full of humor. In a way, you don’t want to choose yourself, but there are qualities that these people have that just make us trust them, you know? – David Ross (Founding Partner)

Archinect Interview – “A Studio Tour with Frederick Fisher & Partners as they embark on the next phase of practice” The Frederick Fisher and Partners Leadership Team. Photo by Amanda Ortland © Archinect

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