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Ingrid Hernandez.

Woman-owned agency INgrid Design flourishes and expands to accommodate business growth

By Ella Treinen
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

From the bedroom to the basement to the full expansion of two buildings, INgrid Design President and Creative Director Ingrid Hernandez has grown her business beyond expectations during a time of global uncertainty. . Recently installed in two recently renovated buildings between Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road, INgrid Design is constantly expanding. If you are not familiar with the name of the company, you have no doubt seen their graphic design work as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program or UofL Health branding. Alternatively, open a book from the American Printing House for the Blind or flip through the CaloSpa magazine.

INgrid Design is a marketing and design company headquartered in the heart of the Louisville Highlands. The company designs training videos, logos, TV ads, billboards and materials for employees in English and Spanish. As a creative agency, they have an ever-growing list of over 12 accounts and strive to foster a direct relationship between designer and client. “Designers are very curious about asking a lot of questions and it makes it easier to get a creative solution faster because there’s this direct communication right from the start,” Hernandez said. The company is also certified as a woman and minority owned business.

In January, INgrid Design purchased the building behind its existing space from an arcade machine repairer. The purchase only took place about a month before the pandemic swept across the country and left companies mulling over next steps. Hernandez’s brother, an architect from Puerto Rico, flew out to draw the renovation plans. Being the artist colleagues of the family, they were able to collaborate in a way that brought a personal touch to the new building. After putting the project on hold when the country’s lockdown began, Hernandez decided she had no choice but to continue the expansion in July. “I would never be able to get my team back to work together if I didn’t distance myself socially. Just with the excuse of social distancing, even though I don’t keep growing, I still need space and I’m not going to stay away forever, ”Hernandez said. “As a creative agency, we need this person-to-person collaboration. “

A few months later, INgrid Design takes its final steps to refine its new building as well as the old one. The new building provides them with conference rooms, idea rooms, empty offices and a photo studio. The majority of the furnishings were done by contemporary galleries, and Hernandez worked with local glass artist Paul Nelson on selected works of art. Hernandez says the new building allows for growth, although that was the sentiment when buying the last one. “At the time, that was fifteen years ago. I found this house in the middle of the Highlands on Baxter Avenue. I bought the house and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so big for us, but great, we have room to grow,’ ”said Hernandez.

It is evident that INgrid Design employees are very close to the stories Hernandez told about walking to Tyler Park to do yoga as a business and the knick-knacks serving as recognition awards that were spread out on his table. dining room. It’s a well-oiled machine, with Hernandez serving as their empowering leader. She has presented to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and is participating in a CEO Roundtable titled Masterminds with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She described them as sisters who talk about business all the time.

With the pandemic becoming less of a hindrance, Hernandez outlined some of his goals for the company. “Our goals are really to expand our footprint and diversify our customer base. We are very excited. We have been so busy with new opportunities and existing customers. All of this is happening. There’s this great energy, ”Hernandez said.

INgrid Design
1017 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204

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