Current COVID-19 situation in Red Deer leads to emergency order for temporary shelter

The Emergency Operations Center signed an Emergency Order to allow the Cannery Row Temporary Emergency Shelter to continue to operate for the duration of the local state of emergency, including any renewals, or until ‘that this ordinance be revoked.

“Our health care system is overloaded and cases are increasing in our community. The decision to put the emergency order in place to allow the operations of the temporary shelter at the Cannery Row site did not come easy, we took into consideration the current state of the epidemic among our population. vulnerable, pressures on our emergency response services and capacity to support community-based epidemic protocols. We want to make sure our vulnerable population has access to care and resources, with the goal of diverting non-emergency issues from the hospital, ”said Ken McMullen, Director of Emergency Management. “The site will allow us to monitor, test and mitigate any further community spread and increased reliance on our already strained health supports.

A third party organization will continue to operate the shelter, and the provincial government will continue to fund operations. Mitigation strategies implemented in May will continue in the region while the temporary shelter is operational.

“We have extended the mitigation tactics in place to reflect the timing of the command, tactics such as security, cleanup, area bonding and fencing will continue for the time being to help minimize issues faced by surrounding residents and businesses, ”McMullen said. “Our number one goal here is to keep our community safe and to minimize the spread while protecting our healthcare system. We are in a situation where difficult decisions must be made to protect all Red Deerians, and we believe this order will help us achieve our goal. “

The capacity to implement the ordinance comes after the promulgation of the state of local emergency (SOLE) on September 17 for a maximum of 60 days by the emergency advisory committee. SOLE gives the City access to additional resources and special powers under the Emergency Management Act, including personnel, other levels of government, as needed.

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