Contemporary Architecture Versus Art – Where Is The Missing Link?

Could the missing link to elevate contemporary architecture to the rank of an artistic movement be the fusion of architecture, art, sculpture and philosophy to invite dialogue and collaboration with contemporary artists?

Contemporary architecture is often characterized by its technological design of twisted, gravity-defying buildings with a WOW factor – like Sluishuis by BIG & BARCODE ARCHITECTS. But even in its most sculptural form, contemporary architecture parallels contemporary art.

Contemporary art refers to the art of today, created by living artists rather than a style or genre. It encompasses everything from painting and photography to sculpture and design.

The modern art movement is defined by the period from 1880 to 1970. Modern artists explored dreams, symbolism, abstraction, and personal iconography in their works. For example, the abstract impressionist, Jackson Pollock, introduced a unique concept of painting without touching a brush to the canvas. If Pollock lived today, he would be considered a contemporary artist.

“Artist Jackson Pollock drools sand on paint while working in his studio”,
Photo by Martha Holmes

But what is the next step, and where is contemporary art in architecture?

Miami Architects Studio Khora is on a mission to express a new vision of contemporary homes with its sculptural geometric shapes and playful layouts that continually provoke, challenge and inspire. In doing so, their buildings become museum-quality works of art instead of structural marvels made possible by technology.

House C – Studio KHORA

The next articles will explore the contribution of renowned contemporary artists and their influence on the elevation of contemporary architecture to the status of an artistic movement.

Gary Kittredge is a Maine real estate agent and Senior Marketing Specialist at Studio Khora.

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