Concern Lingers Over Brickell Skyscraper Construction – NBC 6 South Florida

As construction of a luxury skyscraper in Brickell continues, residents who live near the site say the project jeopardizes the structure of their building and feel they are being kept in the dark problems they see.

Biscayne Bay residents have been monitoring the construction of the Una Residences since its first flood months ago. It happened again on Sunday, they said.

“It was almost like a deja vu moment,” said resident Christi Tasker.

Flooding at the construction site of a new high-rise condo in Brickell, raising concerns. Reporting by NBC6’s Julie Leonardi.

The nearly 50-story condo is supposed to have a garage deep underground — something people who live nearby don’t think is a good idea for their homes or the bay. Residents fear debris is seeping into the bay from an old seawall.

“It’s starting to be more than environmental,” Tasker said. “It’s humanitarian and what they’re doing is putting a lot of people’s lives at risk – it’s more than just buildings.”

NBC 6 reported when the Una Residences site was flooded in October and November.

Tasker didn’t expect it to happen again, right after workers spent the weekend pouring concrete.

“We were told this concrete was going to take care of everything,” she said.

The project’s general contractor, Civic Construction, told NBC 6: ‘Our team is aware of speculation on social media regarding water pooling at the Una Residences construction site. This pooling is the result of Saturday’s concrete pour and is normal for a project of this size. There are currently six inches of water accumulating and it is draining slowly.

The contractor said a representative from the county’s Environmental Resources Management Department was on site over the weekend and gave the go-ahead for the project to proceed.

But the neighbors still do not have peace of mind.

“Unlike the Champlain Towers, we actually prepare for the mistakes they make,” Tasker said.

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