City needs an additional $23 million for new Doherty High construction

WORCESTER — City Manager Ed Augustus will ask City Council on Tuesday evening to approve a $23 million loan order to cover the additional construction costs of the new Doherty Memorial High School.

According to Augustus’ communication to the city council, project material costs increased by 10% to 90% in just four months, resulting in a budget overrun.

The total budget voted by the Massachusetts School Building Authority was $293.3 million, and the city council has already approved three loans to fund the project.

According to a statement from the city’s chief public amenities officer, Julie Lynch, “the city’s estimate based on construction documents is 90% underestimating current market conditions.”

Overall, the project has seen a 30% increase, but the city says it has taken steps to close the gap, including removing the rooftop solar power system, sports lighting and landscaping , and reducing owner contingencies by $7 million.

The project budget is also responsible for covering the electrical costs of the facility from the start of the construction process until receipt of the certificate of occupancy, which is estimated to be approximately $1.67 million.

City Council meets Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. To join virtually, Click here.

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