Central Kentucky construction companies grapple with supply chain issues

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Supply chain issues wreaked havoc across the United States economy across a host of industries throughout the first half of 2022.

Here in the Commonwealth the same notion applies.

Businesses across the state have faced a host of supply chain issues.

Local contractors are struggling harder than ever, making jobs nearly impossible to complete.

“Until my rep messages me and tells me we have product in the store, I’m not working. It’s a scary time right now,” said Romeo Welch of Pressure Clean & Seal. .

Welch has been pressure washing and staining bridges in central Kentucky for nearly three decades, but he’s taken Facebook saying in part that he may have stained his last deck for an extended future due to his deck dye supplies running out.

For Welch, work is not a problem at all. He simply isn’t able to complete these tasks without the product he needs, which essentially brings him to a standstill.

Welch’s company isn’t alone in struggling to keep up with demand, as local hardware stores have shelves filled, especially with items you might not expect.

“Extension cords, spray paint, there’s gardening equipment we don’t have anymore,” said Will Edwards, manager of Chevy Chase Hardware. “Just items that you wouldn’t think would have been affected by an outbreak.”

For now, the best thing companies can do is find alternative solutions to please customers.

“We’re trying to supplement more with different brands that we don’t normally carry,” Edwards said. “But we try to make sure that we keep the products here for our customers.”

Using other brands is fine and all, but it’s really only a temporary fix.

“Currently, I am [using other products] but I guess maybe they’ll follow soon, I’m not sure,” Welch said. “All other locations may also run out of product.”

With a lack of supply, companies have had to raise prices to fill the gaps.

“We tried to keep them very in line, but honestly had to raise a few prices,” Edwards said.

One of the few things that facilitates this whirlwind is having understanding customers.

“They totally understand, they totally understand. Everybody’s been really good about it,” Welch said.

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