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A player’s playing efficiency is transitory. This means that it varies from game to game and depending on the challenges of the opponent. Even at the peak of a player’s physical and mental capabilities, the effectiveness of match play can fluctuate over the course of a match, set, match, and event. The reasons are multiple and they are specific to a player, whatever the sport.

In tennis, the most effective method known to control the fluctuation in the effectiveness of the game is to be “tactical”. An open secret but very elusive. A player’s orientation and mastery of “tactics” are the benchmark he has to resume play whenever he loses control of the game. Whenever physical skills / abilities lose impact in a match, players update their tactical approach to be effective again. It requires training like all other aspects of match play.


At the world level of events, tennis is a sanctioned event by the WTA and ATP and their ranking system. They successfully organize events and a player ranking mechanism. For a player, it is the showcase for exhibiting and performing effectively in order to win. In return, the WTA and ATP bring fame and wealth to effective players. This simple approach makes WTA and ATP so attractive.

The question

That leaves us with a question. What are the local country rankings? The answer is, they are just simple preparatory platforms for players to enter the WTA and ATP rankings. Local Leaderboards players must acquire high-level tactical skills to enter ATP / WTA Leaderboards. Without this ambition, early development time, player money and effort, and the nation’s investment in facilities and administration are wasted. Replacement of silver is possible, but replacement of time is not possible.

Missed opportunities

It is true that not everyone who gets into tennis will make it the top 200 in the professional ranks. It is also true that many of those who could easily make it do not make it because they have never ventured down the pro ranking highway. Players don’t try enough and do the right thing, which is the reason why many countries do not have top rated players in the world. The promotion of tennis must implant the expression “WTA / ATP highway” in the thinking of their aspiring mid-teens. A good preparation of four to six years is a prerequisite to access the professional classification. In countries like ours, many reach the top five places in the local rankings and stay there for a decade or more. None of them have ever appeared in the top 500 of the world rankings. They won’t win anything in tennis. A reputation can be a great asset in life after a career. The top 200 of the WTA and ATP rankings have counted for decades.

Automatic coaching status

A tennis player who has entered the top 100 of the professional ranking in both sexes automatically becomes a professionally recognized tennis coach, without any further training or education. Many countries seek their services for the development and management of national teams. In professional tennis, no pain is a gain.

January in Australia

The virus threat and restrictions are not over yet. Cautiously, the two professional bodies have jointly selected only a few cities in Australia to host their events in January 2022 in order to bypass restrictions and tighten precautions.

Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne will be the focus of professional tennis in January. Compared to the pre-virus years, the feeling of restrictions this year will be severe. Testing, travel restrictions, quarantine for players and reduced entry and spectator restrictions for events are on the schedule for 2022. The world is struggling to cope with the virus. Hosting of sporting events cannot be given priority in nations.

2022 calendar

The 2022 WTA and ATP Professional Calendar was released in December. The restriction in singles entries was very visible. Most singles events will only have 28 singles entries and 24 doubles entries. The long drive from home to Australia is sure to keep many players at home. However, I don’t know how a player can skip a Grand Slam event. The Australian Open is a mandatory event for player rank eligibility. This will affect the players in the top 130 positions of the leaderboard.


The men’s international professional championship is the ATP Cup. The event concerns 28 countries with the highest representation in the annual world ranking. This mode of team qualification for the event is new. Considering that the event is for the nations championships, that makes a lot of sense. The link it has with the annual ranking provides good balanced tennis matches. This year, the ATP Cup will have only 16 teams. The event started in Sydney on January 1. The ATP Cup only brings together players once a year. This is another practical feature of this new format. Rafael Nadal returns to play and will be selective in his participation. Roger Federer’s return is still uncertain. Speculation is that he could come after Roland Garros. The Russians are the force in men’s tennis right now. Slowly but surely they established their training bases in Western Europe and found the formula to be a strength. Their representation is very strong in the top 20 of the men’s ranking. Many Russian players have taken up residence abroad. Elina Rybakina from Kazakhstan is one of them. She is 22 years old and is ranked 14th in the world.

All the best for 2022.

–George Paldano, European and Asian competitive player; Accredited trainer

from the German Tennis Federation;

national coach Brunei and Sri Lanka; Davis Cup, Federation Cup;

coach of the top 200 ATP, WTA and the ITF top 50. 0775448880–

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