Canon has put its sensors on sale to other companies, as has Sony.

In at least one region of Canon’s huge global empire, the company has started offering its sensors for sale to other companies, following in Sony’s footsteps.

This is a notable development, as Canon has so far reserved its sensors only for its own camera hardware, regardless of the sales division.

Originally reported by EOS HD, Canon appears to have started selling its CMOS sensors in South and Southeast Asia through its “first distributors”. The web page not only shows many CMOS sensors available for purchase, but also a list of where they may have come from and how to contact a Canon representative to place an order.

The sensors listed here cover the full spectrum of Canon technology, from an ultra-high-resolution 250-megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor to a 2.1-megapixel HDR sensor designed specifically for video use.

The sensors appear to be designed for industrial use, which makes sense as this is a segment where Canon is already well established. largest and most successful image sensor company. Still, it’s unclear what the company might do in the future.

PetaPixel was unable to confirm details of this story with US-based sources who appeared unaware of the decision. Therefore, it is likely that the sale of sensors is limited to at least the Southeast Asia region and may be a test case for deployment to other regions depending on the success.

(via EOS HD)

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