Camden Commissioners begin design of Kings Highway project

Camden Commissioners begin design of Kings Highway project

(Lindenwold, NJ) – A multi-million dollar, multi-city highway project is scheduled to begin on Kings Highway in the fall of 2023. The project, estimated to cost $8 million, will involve the design and reconstruction of Kings Highway from Market Street to Hopkins Road in the boroughs of Audubon, Haddon Heights and Mt. Ephraim.

“Every element of this project is extremely critical to the overall health and longevity of our county’s infrastructure,” said Commissioner Al Dyer, liaison with the Department of Public Works. “The reorganization of this section of highway will increase safety and efficiency for motorists, pedestrians and residents who travel and live in this area. »

The objective of the project is to provide pavement rehabilitation and upgrade of existing sidewalk ramps to meet ADA requirements, as well as rehabilitation of existing storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure. The total scope of work will include approximately 2.42 miles of roadway, including 39 intersections and over 99 ramps.

Dyer explained how the project is a collaborative effort for the three cities and the county’s Department of Public Works and Engineering.

“This is a great opportunity for Mt Ephraim, Audubon and Haddon Heights to work together to improve this route in partnership with our council,” Dyer continued. “The design process will include input from all three municipalities so that all questions and concerns can be addressed and the most effective design can be implemented.”

Audubon Mayor Rob Jakubowski spoke about the impact of redesigning the busy thoroughfare.

“Audubon looks forward to the revitalization of Kings Highway. This highway project will provide needed improvements for our residents who walk, cycle and drive along Kings Highway every day,” Jakubowski said. “We will also have much needed improvements under the roadway. An underground pipe replacement project was planned for the future. This partnership with the county will allow us to complete this project sooner and save us money. »

Haddon Heights Mayor Zach Houck spoke about the size and scope of the project which benefits multiple municipalities.

“You have three cities and the commissioners coming together, unifying their specific goals to achieve the paving of more than 2.5 miles of roadway and simultaneous utility upgrades at the same time,” Houck said. “Most importantly, no one community will benefit alone, and I imagine the specific local benefits do not add up to the unique impact on the region and our shared economy. This is exactly what good government is supposed to look like and I am happy to hear that this plan is being designed.

The Camden County Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 1,200 miles of county carriageway and 50 bridges. They are dedicated to making our area safer for motorists and pedestrians through county highway construction projects and road maintenance, including repairing potholes, street sweeping, cutting grass and maintaining storm sewers. The Public Works Department is located in Lindenwold where staff are available 24/7 to serve Camden County residents.

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