Bantwal: a raised house for relief from flooding

Mounesh Vishwakarma

Daijiworld Media Network – Bantwal (EP)

Bantwal, September 9: The owner of a house in Bailaguthu, a low lying area near here, chose to lift his house off the ground to a height of four feet to get relief from the flooding problem. It turns out that this is an unprecedented experience in this area.

While it’s common to see vehicles being jacked up to change a flat tire using jacks, it’s hard to believe that jacks are used to lift an entire house, including foundations and walls. However, such an enterprise is underway in the village of Sajipanadu. This new experience generated a lot of interest.

The house of Riaz, a resident of Bailaguthu, where the work is being undertaken, is raised about four feet from its current level using oil jacks used for heavy vehicles.

Delhi-based Hari Om Shiva House Lift Constructions have contracted for the work in progress. The house is lifted using jacks which are normally used to lift vehicles. The ground on all sides of the house is dug, and metal plates are inserted under the foundation. Metal plates were inserted under the house, after which the house was slowly lifted off the ground. It is necessary to lift it from all sides at the same time. Slight errors when lifting can lead to cracks in walls, floors and pillars.

At present, more than 180 jacks have already been used and the house is already raised about three feet and there are plans to raise it another foot on Monday and Tuesday. With an increase in height with each occasion, the stones are built to match the gap. Similar work will take place in the house of Riaz’s brother. The jacks would be removed in the final step.

The house lifting company is carrying out the work for the first time in Karnataka. Company supervisor Gokaran Singh says they have lifted and moved over a thousand houses in Delhi, Kerala, Bihar, Assam, etc. He says his company has even moved three-story buildings.

The technology is particularly useful in flooded areas. Instead of demolishing and rebuilding a house, it costs less to lift it. Therefore, technology can be more useful.

It is learned that the company has entered into a contract with the owner of the house, guaranteeing that the house will not develop cracks for a period of ten years.

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