Apple Watch 7 rumors: release date, price, possible sleek new design and more

Renderings of the rumored Apple Watch 7.

Jon prosser

Apple’s new smartwatch could arrive just in time for tech giant next event, which would take place in September, alongside the iPhone 13 and AirPod 3. While we don’t have official details on the next Apple Watch, the rumor mill has already started spinning, and the latest buzz comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In his latest PowerOn newsletter, Gurman speculates that Apple might ditch the more expensive version of its smartwatch for the Series 7. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if the more expensive titanium model, which starts at $ 799 for the Apple watch 6, was discontinued as Apple had previously done with the ceramic and real gold models.

Apple Watch Series 7 could also feature a stylish update flat edge design, improved battery life and new health features. The new smartwatch will even come with the new one WatchOS 8 Software, announced at WWDC in June. If rumors spread, the new watch could be an interesting upgrade from last year Apple Watch Series 6, which Apple unveiled at a virtual event in September 2020. Apple also released a more affordable mid-range smartwatch last year, the Apple Watch SE, which could itself be get a successor in 2022.

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Here’s everything we’ve heard about the Apple Watch 7 so far, including rumors, leaks, speculation, and dreams. We’ll update this story as we hear more. And if you’re thirsty for more Apple rumors, check out our Summary of iPhone 13 rumors, our best estimates for the IPhone 13 release date, how the The iPhone 13 could be compared to the iPhone 12, and what the IPhone 13 Camera Specifications could be. Moreover, is it even worth it to buy an iPhone 12 now? What about an iPhone 11 or an iPhone SE?

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Release date: Apple Watch 7 will likely be seen in September

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last year that a redesigned Apple Watch could appear in the second half of 2021, so we’re pretty sure a next-gen Apple Watch is coming; we don’t know exactly when. We don’t have much else to report regarding the Apple Watch 7 release date, but we do expect the new wearable to be unveiled at an Apple event in the fall. , probably alongside the iPhone 13 rumor.

We’re assuming the iPhone 13 event will take place on September 8, but this is an educated guess and not based on rumors or leaks. You can find out more about our Apple event date predictions, including our patented (not really) “Labor Day Assumption” in our IPhone 13 release date story. If both assumptions are correct, we would also expect to see the Apple Watch 7 on September 8.

Apple has a pretty consistent history of unveiling its new smartwatch models every year in mid-September. Even in 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic brought virtual product announcement events and caused disruption in the supply chain, delay disclosure from apple iPhone 12 range for a month, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both made their appearance September 15, 2020, at an online event, and they were released three days later, on September 18.

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The biggest buzz surrounding the Apple Watch Series 7 is whether or not it will include a blood sugar monitor.

Jon prosser

Cost: Apple Watch 7 will likely be priced similar to Series 6

Apple’s three previous watch models launched with a price tag of $ 399, increasing for the larger size and for cellular connectivity. (The Apple Watch SE has deviated from the $ 399 price tradition, launched at $ 279. But the SE model is Apple’s “affordable” smartwatch, which means it sacrificed a few bells and whistles for cost savings.) Here are the Apple Watch Series 6 introductory prices, for reference.

While we haven’t heard any credible rumors about how much the Apple Watch 7 will cost, we would expect Apple to stick to its usual structure and launch its next-gen model at around the same $ 399 price tag. $. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Apple will raise the price in 2021, but since we don’t see any major hardware upgrades or new features on the horizon that would justify a price increase, that seems unlikely.

Design and colors: a green Apple Watch 7 with flat edges would be pretty

Leaker Jon Prosser (whose record of rumors is quite uneven), Apple Watch 7 renderings released who allege a “major overhaul” of the laptop. Kuo also predicted a “significant form factor design change” for the Apple Watch 2021 almost a year ago.


The Apple Watch 7 could come in a new sage green color.

Jon prosser

Prosser’s renderings, which he says are based on a combination of real images and CAD files disclosed to him by “sources,” reveal thinner bezels and flat edges on the Apple Watch 7. Apple also flattened the edges of the iPhone 12 lineup last fall, giving its flagship phone a modern profile that CNET’s Patrick Holland called it “slabular beauty.”

A Bloomberg report in June also Thinner bezels planned for the Apple Watch 7, as well as a “new laminating technique that brings the screen closer to the front cover”.

Rumored colors for the Apple Watch 7 include a new sage green color, which Prosser likens to the green option for the AirPods Max, Apple’s on-ear headphones. the Series 6 exists in silver, gray, gold, blue and red (aluminum); silver, graphite and gold (steel); and the colors titanium and black (titanium). Prosser’s renders of the Apple Watch 7 include red, blue, black, and silver, in addition to sage green, though we’re not yet sure if those are the actual colors Apple will release.

In terms of hardware, Apple could get rid of the Titanium Edition model for the Series 7. In its latest PowerOn newsletter, Gurman says he wouldn’t be surprised if the more expensive titanium version, which starts at $ 799 for the Apple watch 6, was abandoned. Apple has already offered ceramic and real gold models.

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Battery life: Apple Watch 7 could take more than a day to charge

One of the biggest and most persistent complaints about the Apple Watch, especially since it compares to its rival connected watches and fitness trackers like Fitbit, is its poor autonomy. CNET’s Scott Stein says the The Apple Watch has been “behind” in terms of battery life among its competitors, which is a problem if you want to use its sleep tracking function (new in WatchOS 7), because the battery must be recharged daily.

Apple Watch 7 could be a game-changer for Apple if its battery life improves significantly. The last three models all offered around 18 hours of battery life, with the 6 Series housing a 265.9 mAh battery. We haven’t heard any rumors about the Series 7 battery specs, but we to have heard that he could boast of a smaller double-sided S7 chip, which would free up space for – what else? – a bigger battery.


The next Apple Watch could feature a big overhaul, including some flattened edges like the iPhone 12.

Jon prosser

Health Features: Will Apple Watch 7 Really Have A Glucose Meter?

Blood sugar monitoring would be an amazing addition to the Apple Watch, but don’t hold your breath because the rumors are mixed. Interest in the new sensor was sparked by Apple itself in a survey of Apple Watch users to gauge interest in new features – one of which was blood sugar monitoring. But a sequel The Bloomberg Report Almost Killed Those Dreams. While the new sensor is likely to be included in a future iteration of Apple’s smartwatch, it’s unlikely to arrive in the 7 Series and maybe not in Apple’s 2022 model, either.

Samsung announced new non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology last year and although he did not specify where or when we might see this technology implemented, it is possible that the Galaxy Watch 4, which should be unveiled this summer, could be his debut. Apple has a habit of letting rivals release new features first, so an Apple Watch blood glucose monitor in 2022 or even 2023 wouldn’t be a huge surprise, but a big blow nonetheless for iOS users with diabetes.

That’s all we know so far about the Apple Watch Series 7, but we’ll update this story as more rumors come to light. Waiting for, here’s everything we know about the iPhone 13, all my wishes new features coming to WatchOS 8, how to decide between Apple Watch Series 6, Series 3 and SE, settings to change on any new Apple Watch and the best apple watch apps.

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