Alexandria VRE project in final design phase before construction next year | ALX now

A $ 30 million redesign of Alexandria Union Station, a Virginia Railway Express stop, is in the final design phase and is in the process of obtaining final permits before the project is built next year.

An update scheduled to be presented to the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) tomorrow (Thursday) noted that the project goes through the coordination of permits with the city of Alexandria as part of the final design phase.

“Passenger safety will be improved by replacing a ground-level crosswalk with elevators to connect the two platforms,” the NVTC description said. “The elevators, as well as
the current and proposed staircase will connect to the existing tunnel between the two platforms. Platform elevation adjustments will eliminate the need for a stepbox to access VRE and Amtrak trains. The central platform will be widened and lengthened to accommodate trains on both tracks.

The expansion of the central platform will allow the station to accommodate two trains at any one time, reducing the regional bottleneck around the DC area.

The VRE website also indicates that the project also takes into consideration the plans of the Ministry of Rail and Public Transport to build a fourth track via Alexandria, although the fourth track does not stop at the VRE station.

“This project will take into consideration the design of DRPT’s Alexandria Fourth Track project,” the VRE site said. “The new fourth track will not have access to the platform and will be built next to track 1.”

Permit pending, the project should start construction next year.

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