A magazine with an exceptional spirit of art and architecture, Sylvia Rossouw

Sylvia Rossouw, eminent designer of art and architecture, has served the art industry for over twenty years. Over the years of continuous study, she has been able to refine and refine her skills. The South African native is renowned for her knowledge and expert creations locally and is quickly gaining international attention.

I discovered some of her work and noticed how committed she is to her community. She has participated in many projects and organized personal exhibitions in her region. I love her investment in the region in which she was born and raised. At the KKNK Annual National Arts Festival and the International Green Green Conference, she presented solo exhibitions. Sylvia has been involved in a variety of participatory projects that have benefited the community, including a fundraising auction called Shhhhhh! and a community mural project at Khayelitsha Library on Nelson Mandela Day.

Under the leadership of President Quirino Martellini, Sylvia Rossouw participated in an international exhibition entitled La Lunigiana e la sua Anima Etrusca. At the Biennale Internazionale Dell ‘Etruria, Della Rinchiostra, Pamphili, Massa (MS) in September 2021. In addition, the artistic directors Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni were the curators of the MADS Gallery in Milan and Fuerteventura where Sylvia’s work was included in the international exhibition Aldila ‘beyond the obvious. She is unquestionably a productive woman. So far, she is already expected to return to MADS Gallery in November 2021 and December 2022, under the curatorial direction of Carlo Greco and Alessanda Magni.

In addition to improving the community and carrying out projects, Sylvia Rossouw also has a studio in Cape Town, South Africa named Sylvie Rossouw Studio. Since 1995, Sylvia has operated her studio. I truly believe that she is captivated by the prospect of using art as a vehicle to express herself. One of her favorite places to retreat, reflect and meditate is in her own mind. I think it’s powerful that she is able to identify and accept all the challenges she faces and to transcribe them through her art. Sylvia Rossouw uses every waking moment as an opportunity to unlock new creative potentials residing deep within her highly skilled mind. Visit it frequently updated online artistic archives and links to social networks to get a feel for its brilliance and be taken into its creative expressive world of art and architecture.

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