I signed a loan for someone (I took out a loan for someone)

I will mention that the bailiff is taking $ 500, but in my current situation it is too much, considering that I am a single mother. The main problem is that this bank and this company are no longer there. 

Nobody knows where they have moved – I can’t find them anywhere. I called the bailiff, but he only has the number accounts to which part of the debt is transferred, he would not say anything more. What to do in that case? I am asking for help because I do not even have the appearance for documents and current debt.

I’ll take a loan for someone

money loan

I admit that it sounds a bit mysterious, everyone has dissolved and there is no one to give money to, oh this bailiff … only he was left and persistently pulls the money from the account. As you can see, the domain collection company is doing quite well, they even have several other branches scattered around Poland. A lot of publications appeared on my blog, where readers of the blog express their stir that they were deceived, someone for whom they took a loan for their data, stopped paying it back. All responsibility, however, we all guess, rests with the person who signed the loan agreement.

I appeal to everyone reading this post and to those who have not yet done so – you must not take out a loan on someone’s behalf by signing your name on the loan agreement! It happens differently in life, once we are in great relations with each other, other times relationships break down and we move away from each other, really little is needed.

What about the loan? the loan company knows no mercy, they don’t care about the circumstances when they borrow it, the installment is to be done on time and end, period! and if not, these will be prompts and further consequences of non-payment of the loan!

The bailiff takes too much

debt loan

Unfortunately, you did not write anything about the source and amount of your income, then I could tell you if the bailiff respects the amounts free from bailiff attachment.

I hope that you will finally be able to contact the Domain debt collection company, but I have a bit mixed feelings, because you write that the debt was taken over by a bailiff, so why do you want to go to a debt collection company? I don’t think you can negotiate anything … but I keep my fingers crossed for you. Let me know how it went!